The Planet Allsports - Team
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The Planet Allsports - Team

On this we would like to give you a quick overview of the core of our team! 

Because "Teamwork makes Dreams work!" Planet Allsports wouldn't be Planet Allsports without its Team and we could not make our dream "SURF THE MOST STUNNING SPOTS AROUND THE GLOBE" come true.

Our Headquarter in Garmisch-Partenkichen


Felix Quadfaß

Owner and Manager 


Marketing &
Costumer Service

Our Team on Boavista, in Soma Bay and at Lake garda 

Soma bay - Egypt


Center management
Soma Bay

Boavista - Cape Verde

felix quadfass

Center Manager Boavista

Lake Garda - Italy

Pim van den Heuvel

Center Manager Lake Garda


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