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NEW!! We opened a 2nd center in December 2018 

You can find more information about that at "Spotinfo"

More information about Boavista

"Boavischta", this is how the locals pronounce it, definetily is one of my favorites for a vacation. It is one of the 13 Cape Verdean Islands and is located circa 500-600 kilometers in front of the westafrican coast off Dakar, round about 1000 kilometers south of the canarian islands.

But why is Boavista so special? The reason I love to travel there, I think it is the the whole package: the lifestyle, the colors of the water, the nature and especially the people over there. To be honest, when you are looking for perfect Windsurf- and Kitesurf conditions with a strong and constant wind every day than you might be dissapointed of Boavista. But if you want to have the feeling of an roadtrip, if you see the whole package than you are going to have one of your best vacations ever in Boavista. Also if you are not just focussed on one water sports and if you dare to also take the SUP or surfboard,  you can have action all day long.

We have been the very first Kite-, Windsurf-, SUP- and Surfstation on Boavista when we opened on extact the same spot 17 years ago. It is at the Tortuga Beach Club of Ruth and Leo,  5-10 minutes walking distance from the middle of the town. They are running an italian restaurant and offer very good italian food also like tasty fish-dishes.
In general on Boavista all of the local fish restaurants offer very good food for low price. Especially if you like fish, Boavista is your paradise. The fish on your plate is getting cought every day in our bay. You cannot get fish more fresh than this. 

Also during your stay on Boavista you shouldn't miss a roadtrip with the Jeep or to Quadarround the island with our partner Quadzone for example. We promise you, it's gonna be amazing. Boavista has got a lot to offer and the little villages on the inner part of the island, the offroad paths to get to the different spots, the endless white beaches with nobody and the beautiful bays are going to blow your mind.
Also more experienced Kite- and Windsurfers can find amazing wave-conditions over there.

We are looking forward to your stay with us on Boavista!

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