frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

short overview on the main kiteboarding topics

What do I need to kitesurf on Boavista?
You can either kitesurf with your own equipment or rent the latest kitesurf material from Duotone (former: North Kiteboarding) with us. The water is quite warm - depending on your temperature sensitivity and your Kite Level you can use just a lycra with a board short to protect your skin from the sun or you just wear a thin wet suit or short wet suit (shorty). Of course you can also rent a wet suit at our center for a little extra cost.

Do I need a Kite license to kitesurf? 
Do you have your own equipment? - Then you DON'T need a license. But you should kite good enough to get back safe on your own (VDWS Level 5) and certainly be able to run height.

How much is one kite shuttle? 
The shuttle to get out of the choppy zone and back are included in the storage and rental prices. 

Which size of kite do I need on Boavista?
Depending on the wind you need a kite size between 8 and 14 square meters. Most of the time we can tell you the size you need to prepare for the kitelift/shuttle at the evening before. In the end it's not our decision but yours to choose the right size. You can always take a second kite with you to the boat in case your first decision wasn't that good.

Have fun on the water of Boavista & see you there!


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