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There's a lot to do on Boavista

Besides boardsports on the water Boavista also has got other fun activities to offer:


At our center you can find everything that you need to go snorkelling. Especially on those days when there is less wind you can have a wonderful snokelling-tour with our team. We will show you the snorkelling hotspots.


For this activity you should definitely block one day. The island with 31km lenght and 29km width has got the perfect size to explore the most beautifull spots in one day without any stress. You will see beautiful beaches so long that you cannot see the end and other beautiful places like the ship-wrack Cabo Santa Maria.
We organize these tours with our partner Quadzone where you are in just the right hands!

For further information or booking of these activities simply ask our team with the center manager Chris. We will organize everything for you :)


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