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HYGIENE- AND behaviour rules for our Kite and Windsurf schools during  COVID-19-PANDEMIE 

We are very happy that we will soon be able offering again our water sport services on Lake Garda and would like to inform you about our hygiene concept at Capo Reamol. The concept was developed in personal cooperation with Georg Holzbauer (state-certified disinfector and FW for hygiene and cleaning management).

1. overall hygiene rules: Please pay attention to all well-known hygiene regulations also on our school (minimum distance 1.5m, sneeze / cough in the crook of the arm, regular hand washing, etc.)

  • 2. Our employees are checked for temperature daily before work starts and interviewed in writing for Covid-19 symptoms.

3. We have attached a plexiglass pane to our counter.

4. Information signs: In order to protect everyone and to make training operations as straightforward as possible, we ask you to take all the signs at the station and on the boats into account and to follow the instructions of the team.

5. When booking or registering on site, we ask you to give us a written confirmation of acceptance of the changes related to Corana at the station:

I am aware that the processes (material distribution, times, etc.) have changed and must be followed accordingly.

I hereby confirm that I have been informed from the team about the measures and that I have read the website and will follow them.

  • 6. Equipment hygiene: The equipment (boom, masts, kite bar, etc.) are regularly disinfected. Please pay attention to the signs. 

7. The materials are only give out by our teachers, who are equipped with masks and gloves.

8. Training schedule: To ensure of keeping the minimum distance, our kite courses take place with BB Talking. We ask you to plan enough time so that we can explain all hygiene measures or changed processes on site.

9. Course groups: There are max. 2 people allowed in the kite course (boat training) or up to 4 people if the people are from a household.

10. Mask requirement: Please bring your own masks and a waterproof pouch with your name in which you can safely stow the mask while surfing or kiting.

11. Own equipment: harness, suit, shoes, life jacket - if possible, we ask you to bring your own equipment, but you of course can borrow it or it is included in the courses and will be disinfected with Mikrobac Forte after each use. (see information sheet on disinfectants below).

12. Our boats are equipped with hand disinfection dispensers, which you should use for your own hand disinfection. The boats are also disinfected after use (twice a day).

13. Disinfectants used: 

Skin desinfection:  Sterillium 

Surface disinfection:  Microbac Forte

Please note these rules and measures. Everyone is responsible for ensuring that the rules of hygiene and behavior are observed in water sports schools. When entering the school, a mask must be carried by everyone from the age of six and put on if necessary. This is the only way to ensure that the infections do not increase again and that the release of water sports has continued. 

Thank you for your understanding and support. See you hopefully very soon on the water again. My team and I are looking forward to welcome you.

Yours Felix Quadfaß. 

For questions and further information, you can also contact me at any time by email, phone or WhatsApp.
Office-number:       +49 (0)8821 - 79 83 832
WhatsApp / Mobil: +49 (0)151 - 24030897
for further detailed information or questions.

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