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Kitesurfing at Lake Garda


Lake Garda is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful kiting areas in the world and, above all, one of the most wind-safe. In the morning with the north wind "Vento" and in the afternoon with the wind from the south "Ora" you can let off steam in perfect conditions. The incomparable landscape and the Mediterranean climate make the lake the top spot in Europe. An unbeatable plus is the limited capacity of kite surfers who can go on the water with us at Capo Reamol

Experience a great time with us with:


our KITESURFing offers


  • daily starting courses
  • small groups of 4 students
  • beginners &
  • advanced
  • adults &
  • kids (age 10/12 depending of size and weight)
  • individual lessons 
  • multi day semi private (2 students) and private courses
  • boat training with headset 
  • latest training material 
  • VDWS license


  • latest material every year
  • one session or
  • 5/10/20er Abo cards, valid all season long
  • requirement:
    Kite LEVEL 5/IKO Level 3L, run independently height
  • 30% discount for children up to and including 15 years
  • Accessories can be rented separately


  • free pick-up boat shuttle
  • With the Standard KITE Shuttle, the kiters and their equipment are brought to the best spot in the lake
  • the Premium Shuttle also includes rescue and jump start assistance
  • 5/10/20 subscription cards
    including standard shuttle bookable


Due to the location of the hotel in the rock with direct access to the most wind-safe place on the lake, there is unfortunately only a limited number of parking spaces available exclusively to Capo Reamol hotel guests. But we have also come up with a solution for this. We would be happy to pick you up with our free boat shuttle in Malcesine, Navene and Limone. To the pick-up points! When booking, please let us know whether we can pick you up.

But you can also simply walk or cycle on the newly built bike path from Limone or Riva to our school, then register at the hotel reception shortly before your session on the water begins.

beginner kitesurfing courses

  • Our beginner courses take place every day from April to October at 7:30 a.m. and at 13:00 p.m. and last around 3 hours, depending on the size of the group. 
  • If there are fewer than 3 course participants, the course duration is reduced accordingly. 
  • We teach specifically in very small groups of up to 4 people, because this is the only way we can specifically and individually adapt to your skills and your learning goal.
  • You will get a first impression of kiting on the first day. In order to learn to kite properly, however, we recommend at least 3 days, optimally 4-5 days. If you book several days in a row, you will save yourself a little something and have your place in the course safe.
  • On request, we also offer semi-private (2 people) or private courses in addition to group courses.
  • For a punctual start you should be at our school 30 minutes before the start of the course (registration).

Course schedule:

  • On the 1st day: In the theory unit on land (duration approx. 15 - 30 min.) We explain the material and basic terms such as safety system, kite control, wind window, etc. Immediately afterwards you practice kite control and kite control from the boat.
    In a group course, two students always share equipment, which saves energy and by actively watching, certain processes are better conveyed and can be practiced more effectively after a short break
  • On the 2nd day we deepen the kite feeling and fly to different zones in the wind window. We learn where the kite has more or less power. We practice the controlled pulling of the kite through the water, also known as bodydrag. The aim is for the kite to drag you in the desired direction.
  • 3rd day: the goal on this day is to get the board with the foot straps on your feet, to start for the first time (water start) and to drive the first few meters.
  • 4th day: after the first three days you can ride the first few meters on the kiteboard. It is important that you can ride safely and stably in both directions and steer the kite back to the 12 o'clock position so that you can stop and ride back. You will probably not be able to “hold up” at first, but that is not a problem at all with our boat training, you will always be steered by our instructor in the boat and you can treat yourself to small breaks on the boat.
  • On the 5th day, depending on your personal driving skills, practice what you have learned with targeted improvements. After two strokes you will be back where you started. You achieve this through the posture and edge technique of the board. For this it is now time to practice, practice, practice ...

After each course unit we do a short debriefing and, if necessary, some theory. Each additional day of the course on site can be booked for 90 euros if there is free space.

All equipment such as wetsuit, harness and life jacket as well as shoes are of course available from us. So you only need to bring a towel, sunscreen, possibly a hat or cap and something to drink with you.

There is no prescribed age. As a rule, we start training children from around 10 years of age, but that depends in particular on their physical constitution. However, we train especially young and light children exclusively 1 to 1, i.e. in a private course.

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perfect communication with your teacher

In order to be able to give you maximum safety and an even better training with the best possible learning success, our certified teachers train you with the Bb Talkin Bluetooth system. As a student, you get your own Bluetooth headset that is integrated in the helmet and you can not only understand the teacher better and more clearly, but also communicate directly with him.

Through our boat training on Lake Garda, we offer you the highest possible safety and many advantages, such as:

  • a lot of space
  • particularly safe and almost no risk of injury
  • your teacher can be very close to you
  • you have much more effective time on the kite and on the water to learn quickly, as you don't have to walk back when you drift off
  • In addition, we can drive every day to exactly the place on Lake Garda where there is the most wind and space

To start on time you should be at our school 30 minutes before the start of the course (registration) or at one of our pick-up points in Limone, Malcesine or Navene on the beach.
If you are not a Hotel Capo Reamol guest and come by bike, motorcycle or on foot, please register at the hotel reception before you go down to school.

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In our advanced courses, which start daily at 7:30 a.m. and/or 13 p.m., we build exactly on your level. We accompany you in everything you want to learn and improve, e.g. safe climbing, turning, transition, jumps, backroll, frontroll, kiteloop.
With our advanced courses, up to two lessons per day can be booked.

If you want, you can also learn Kite foiling with us. This new riding technique when kiting works with a special board that has a so-called foil mounted on the underside. The foil then works like a wing, lifting the board out of the water while riding and allowing you to float over it. With our special foil boards you can learn the new technique quickly and safely. We teach a maximum of two students at the same time.

Private & Semi private lesson: Especially as an advanced kite surfer, it makes sense every now and then that you treat yourself to a private lesson / VIP course (1 person) or to a semi private lesson / VIP course with 2 persons with a professional. With the support of video recordings and analysis, you will quickly experience the fascination of kiting yourself.
Starting times:
7:30 a.m. and 14:00 p.m.
7:30 a.m. and 14:00 p.m.

*In all courses the material (kite board, kite and bar) as well as suit, life jacket and shoes incl.



  • With our rental on Lake Garda you have a selection of different subscription cards that include the rental equipment and the boat shuttle (standard shuttle) (5, 10, 20 subscription cards).
  • The subscription cards can only be booked in advance, individual kite shuttles cannot be offset. The subscription cards are valid for the current season and cannot be transferred to other people.
  • Neoprene suit, harness, life jacket and shoes are not included in the rental price and can be rented separately for a small fee.
  • We offer children up to and including 15 years of age a 30% discount on renting kitesurfing equipment (excluding accessories).



With our kite shuttle you either kite with your own equipment or you can borrow the latest equipment from us. We will then shuttle you with our boat from our station or one of our three pick-up stations in Navene, Limone or Malcesine to exactly the place where the wind is best.

Our shuttle times: 7:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

But you can also just walk or cycle on the newly built bike path from Limone or Riva to our school and then register at the hotel reception before your session on the water begins!

  • For our kite shuttle we have completely new boats in use with new 40 HP engines, more HP is not needed. In this way we save gasoline, protect the environment and the boats run reliably and safely.
  • During your shuttle with us you will receive a very easily recognizable Lycra from us free of charge, so we can see you at all times, which increases your safety.
  • Our boats are networked with each other and with the station on land by radio and telephone, safety is our top priority!
  • A member of our team has a non-stop view of all our guests from the land and keeps a safety list, so we can guarantee the greatest possible safety on the lake and should you ever lose your board, we have a good chance of finding it again as quickly as possible.
  • Small groups on the boat and short distances to our kite and surf school at Hotel Capo Reamol make flexible shuttle times possible, so you can go on the water later or stop earlier. This advantage is ideal for parents with children, even a change during the kite session is possible after consultation with us.
  • The subscription cards for the kite shuttle can only be booked in advance; individual kite shuttles cannot be offset.
  • The subscription cards are valid for the current season and cannot be transferred to other people. Neoprene suit, harness, life jacket and shoes are not included in the rental price and can be rented separately.
  • If you book a kite shuttle, you don't have to pay anything extra to store your equipment at our station.

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Here we show you how to prepare the kite before we pick you up by boat.

  • Lay out the kite
  • Lay out the lines and sort them so that no lines are twisted or knotted, check your lines a second time to be on the safe side
  • Attach the lines to the kite
  • Roll the lines as tightly as possible on the bar up to about 2-3 meters in front of the kite, fix the lines to the bar with the provided straps
  • Make sure that you do not turn the bar through the lines now to avoid twisting the front and back lines
  • IMPORTANT!! Guide the lines through the valve and close the valve, so the lines can no longer twist
  • Fold the kite from both sides towards the middle, placing all loose lines in the kite
  • Fix the folded kite with your harness or a kitebag

When your kite is packed, quickly get a Planet Allsports Lycra from us so that we can see you better and ensure your safety. Now you can wait at the meeting point, we will get you on the water as soon as possible. Have fun, enjoy your session.

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In the video we show you again how to prepare the kite for the shuttle. It's best to do this calmly before the session so that nothing goes wrong.


As an officially licensed VDWS kite and windsurf school, we will also grant you the VDWS kite license if you want. The license is valid worldwide and you need it in particular to be able to borrow material. Your driving skills are shown on it and updated as you progress. There is an extra fee of 40 Euro for the initial issue of the license.

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