Kite courses at Lake Garda
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Kite courses at Lake Garda


Which kite equipment is used?
Planet Allsports trains with the latest equipment from North Kiteboarding.

When do the kite courses start?
Our courses take place from April to October daily at 7:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. for all levels, including semi-private (2 people) and private courses

Which course do I need as a beginner?
You will get a first impression of kiting on the first day. In order to learn to kite properly, we recommend at least 3 days, optimally 4-5 days.

How does the kite course work?
We meet approx. 30 minutes before the course starts at our station or at one of our “pick-up” points, e. B. in Limone or Navene on the beach. Then we will dress you up and start the course. The first lesson takes place partly on land, but we go on the water as soon as possible. At the water we are dependent on the wind, about 2-3 hours per course unit. After the course we do a short debriefing and, if necessary, some theory.

What is learned in the courses?
Your instructor goes exactly to your personal level. As a beginner, we will practice kite control, body dragging, your first water start, climbing up and much more with you.

How many students are in a kite course?
We train with a maximum of 4 students per instructor and per boat. This is the only way we can look after you intensively and you can learn to kite as quickly and effectively as possible. In the group courses, 2 students always share kite equipment, so that you can rest from training and at the same time learn from the first attempts of your classmate and the instructions of the instructor on the boat.

Why boat training?
Thanks to the boat training, we can always be directly with the student and thus guarantee the highest level of safety. In addition, we can drive every day to exactly the place on Lake Garda where there is the most wind and space.

I can already kite, but still want to learn something, are there courses for this?
No matter what level you are, whether you are a complete beginner or whether you want to learn to jump or have a special trick in mind. We have group courses starting daily, semi-private courses (2 people) or private courses for every level, where we can specifically address your learning objective.

What do I need for the kite course?
All equipment such as B. Wetsuit, harness and life jacket as well as shoes are of course available from us. So you only need to bring a towel, sunscreen, possibly a hat or cap and something to drink with you.

When do I have to book the course?
The earlier you book, the better it is. Of course, you can also register at short notice, but since we only train in small groups, there is a great risk that we will run out of space if you register spontaneously and you will only be able to start on another day.

At what age can I learn to kite?
There is no prescribed age. As a rule, we train children from around 10 years of age, but that depends in particular on their physical constitution. However, we train especially young and light children exclusively 1 to 1, i.e. in a private course.

How expensive is the kite course?
A 1-day course costs 125 euros. If you book several days in a row, you will save yourself a little something and have your place in the course safe.

What is "Foil" and how can I learn it?

Foiling is a new riding technique in kiting and works with a special board that has a so-called foil mounted on the underside. The foil then works like a wing, lifting the board out of the water while riding and allowing you to float over it. With our special foil boards you can learn the new technique quickly and safely. We teach a maximum of two students at the same time.

Do I get a certificate after the course?

As an officially licensed VDWS kite and windsurf school, we will also give you the VDWS kite license if you want. The license is valid worldwide and you need it in particular to be able to borrow material. Your driving skills are shown on it and updated as you progress. There is an extra fee of 40 € for the initial issue of the license.

What if there is no wind or too much wind?

We always try to find the best possible conditions for your course so that you can learn optimally. If the weather lets us down, we will give you a voucher that you can redeem at one of our three schools.

Where can I park?
Due to the location of the hotel in the rock with direct access to the most wind-safe place on the lake, there is unfortunately only a limited number of parking spaces available to hotel guests. But we have also come up with a solution for this. We are also happy to pick you up with our boat shuttle from our pick-up points:

Malcesine Navene Limone (Hafen)

We wish you a lot of fun and success with your kite course.

Here you can book your kite course on Lake Garda.