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Wing Foil at Lake Garda


The conditions for learning wing foil on Lake Garda are perfect and couldn't be more ideal. Our station is directly at the Hotel Capo Reamol, the windiest place on the entire Lake Garda. Due to the north and south wind, we can always choose the perfect wind for your skill level every day. The same applies to the surface of the water, whether wave or flat water makes a big difference, especially at the beginning.

our WING FOIL offers


  • daily starting courses
  • small groups
  • beginners &
  • advanced
  • adults & kids
  • individual lessons and multi-day semi private (2 persons) &
    private courses
  • training with Headset
  • every year new training material 


  • every year latest rental
  • rental by the hour
  • half days: Vento oder
  • whole day or
  • several days
  • 30% discount for children up to and including 15 years
  • Accessories can be rented separately


  • private material
  • single days
  • complete season
  • all year round


Due to the location of the hotel in the rock with direct access to the most wind-safe place on the lake, there is unfortunately only a limited number of parking spaces available exclusively to Capo Reamol hotel guests. But we have also come up with a solution for this. We would be happy to pick you up with our free boat shuttle in Malcesine, Navene and Limone. To the pick-up points! When booking, please let us know whether we can pick you up.

But you can also simply walk or cycle on the newly built bike path from Limone or Riva to our school, then register at the hotel reception shortly before your session on the water begins.


  • Our wing foil course on Lake Garda starts at 13 p.m. and takes about 3 hours, depending on the size of the group. 
  • If there are fewer than 3 course participants, the duration of the course is reduced accordingly.
    For a punctual start you should be at our school 30 minutes before the start of the course (registration). If you are not a hotel guest, please register briefly at the hotel reception before you go down to school.
  • We have developed a training concept especially for the Wing Foil that will get you to "fly" over the water quickly and safely!
  • Step 1 - Wing Handling:
    After a short theoretical unit on land and the most important things you need to know about the material, wind and water, you will quickly learn how to use the wing. You learn how to carry the wing, steer it, turn it around and thus "catch" the wind
  • Step 2 - Wing Surfen:
    A short time later we go into the water fully equipped with neoprene, life jacket, wing and a large surfboard. Now you can refine the handling of the wing on the water and surf for the first time in light wind and smooth water. You will be surprised how quickly you make progress and how quickly you surf independently.
  • Step 3 - Foilen:
    After the 1st and 2nd step we put the wing aside for a while and dedicate ourselves fully to the foil and the wonderful feeling of "flying" over the water silently. With the support of our motorboats, you can enjoy foiling for the first time without any wing or wind. At first it feels a bit shaky, but you will soon notice that the board is stabilizing.
  • Step 4 - Wing Foilen:
    Now we put all the steps together, you will now learn to operate and control the wing on the foil board and you will soon be flying across the lake, driven by the wind all by yourself, without a motor and almost no noise, very easily and almost weightlessly. You are now a wing foil surfer! Congratulations !!

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In order to be able to give you maximum safety and an even better training with the best possible learning success, our certified teachers train you with  Bb Talkin Bluetooth System in most of the courses. As a student, you get your own Bluetooth headset that is integrated in the helmet and not only can understand the teacher better and more clearly, but also communicate directly with him.

advanced wing foil courses

You have already made your first wing foil experiences, but still want to be able to safely climb uphill or try out fluent turns? With useful tips, we will bring you to your goal in the intermediate / advanced course which starts daily at 13 p.m..

Courses for Kids & Teenager

Especially at Lake Garda we now offer special wingfoil courses for children. The minimum age is not precisely defined, this is mainly due to the physical condition. We have particularly light and small WingFoil material to make it easy for even the smallest to get started. We see wingfoiling especially in children as it is very easy and intuitive to learn.

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rental WINg foil EQUIPMENT 

  • With our rental on Lake Garda you can rent your premium Wing foil equipment by the hour, half a day (Vento or Ora), a whole day or several days at a time.
  • If you want to book in advance and reserve the equipment you want, you can book for at least 3 days in a row (or more).
  • With our three-day subscription or "more" subscription, you can even take a day off, i.e. you don't have to borrow the material continuously, you can choose the days during your stay.
  • Subscription cards are valid for the current season.

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storage private material

Of course, you can also foil with your own equipment at the Wing station. For this we offer you as guest of the Capo Reamol Hotel the opportunity to store your board and wing with us. The cost is 12 Euro per person per day for 1 board and 1 wing. Each additional board and wing costs 3 Euro per day and person. We ask for your understanding that, for reasons of space, when storing wing foil boards, the foil must be dismantled from the board and the mast must be separated from the fuselage.

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