Kite Shuttle Lake Garda

Kite Shuttle Lake Garda

Lake Garda without doubt is one of the most beautiful and windiest Kite territories on earth. You can play and have fun in the morning and in the afternoon. Unfortunately there is limited space at the shore and you can just start from the waterside at some rare places that certainly are not as windy as directly in front of Capo Reamol.
We shuttle you directly from our Kite & Surf School or one of our three Pick-Up places in Navene, Limone or Malcesine to the windiest spot on the lake - both in the morning at 7:30 am and in the afternoon at around 1:00 pm. You can either kite with your own material or rent equipment at our center. We always carry the latest material from Duotone Kiteboarding.
If you book a KiteShuttle you don’t need to pay the storage at our center additionally.
Here you can see how to prepare the Kite before we pick you up with our boat. For further questions about our KiteShuttle click here.

   - pump up the struts and close all valves
   - line all the lines and sort them so none of them are twisted or knotted
   - attache the lines onto the kite
   - roll the lines as tight as you can on the bar until you get as close as 2-3 meters towards the kite
   - attache the bar to the front tube with the chicken stick
   - roll the Kite from both sides towards the middle and place the loose lines in the kite
   - fix the rolled-up kite with the harness or a kite-bag

Have a great kite session at Lake Garda!