Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What do I need for a kite lift/shuttle? 

You can either kite with your own material or rent the latest equipment at our Kite and Surf School (Duaotone Kiteboarding). Most of the time you’ll also need a wetsuit, because Lake Garda doesn’t get very warm, not even in the summer. Prescribed by law you also need to wear a life vest on Lake Garda. If you don’t have one you can rent it with us.
Please also bring something to drink.

Do I need a kite license to kite?

If you have your own material you don’t need a license. However you should be able to kite good enough to get back safe on your own (VDWS Level 5) and be able to run height on your own.

How much is a KiteShuttle?

One shuttle/boat lift costs 35 € per Person. For more information about our ABO offers and prices just click here.

How does a shuttle work?

We meet approximately 15 to 30 minutes before departure (7:30 am and about 1:00 pm) at our center or we pick you up by boat at our arranged place e.g. Navene, Limone or Malcesine. Until then you should have rolled up and attached your kite to the lines. As soon as we’ve loaded the boat we bring you towards the kite area in front of Hotel Capo Reamol and find the windiest spot for you. At this place we start the kite for you and then hand it over to you. You can kite as long as you want, until the wind stops, you don’t have power anymore or we give you a sign to stop  - and we come pick you up.

Which size of kite do I need?

Depending on the wind you normally need kites between 6 and 15 sq.m. on Lake Garda. Most of the time we can tell you the needed size at the evening one day before. You can find a daily-daily-updated suggestion for the wind on our „wind and weather page“. The final decision is on you. If one day the size of your kite doesn’t fit at all, we can normally offer you a rental-kite in the right size that we take on the boat with us. Because our center is directly at the spot we can sometimes quickly take the boat back to the School as well.

What if I want to stop earlier?

Because the windiest spot on Lake Garda is right in front of our Kite and Surf School we can also pick you up earlier and bring you back to the center most of the time. So you don’t need to stay on the boat all the time.

Have a great kite session on Lake Garda!


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