Unser Spot in Soma Bay

Unser Spot in Soma Bay


In Soma Bay there are perfect conditions for kiters as well as for windsurfers. Especially windsurf lessons can be started right from the center because for them it is not as dramatic to get out of the windshadow of the Hotel Sentido Palm Royal. As soon as you passed this area there is nice & constant wind and you can choose between flatwater conditions behind the sandbank to go highspeed and do freestyle manoeuvres, or you go for the chop between the sandbank and the reef.
The big advantage of this area is that there are much less people on the water in comparison to the kite area in the next bay. 

Kitesurfers have two options. Most of them choose to take our unlimited kite-shuttle to the kiters bay. Here you can find the famous Soma Bay conditions of flat water and a shallow area. In the bay we have got our own contact point where we have a compressor and cool drinking water. You can also leave a spare kite over here. 
Who doesn't mind the little gusty conditions can start right from the beach and share the less crowded spot with the windsurfers. You can check theactual weather conditions right here.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for flat water or chop, if you are Kitesurfer or Windsurfer, at our center in Soma Bay everybody will have fun!

We are looking forward to our next session with you together on the water in Soma Bay :)