Travel information

Travel information

Travel time: from e.g. Munich - 5 hours flight

Airport shuttle: 30-45 minutes

What we offer you: Kitesurfing, Windsurfing & SUP
Lessons, rental, storage your own equipment 

Season: year round


a.m. side-off-shore from left
p.m. side shore from left
In the cover of the headland through the building a bit gusty, then stable.


Close to our center in Soma Bay there are 3 hotels where you can stay when you are Kitesurfing or Windsurfing at our center. 
The Carribean World Resorts is located right behind our center in two minutes walking distance. The hotel Sentido Palm Royal is 5 minutes distant from our center and the hotel Mövenpick is a 7 minutes walk downwindalong the beach.

We recommend to you guys to stay in the Carribean World Ressort. It is not just the most beautiful hotel complex also the catering is amazing. During your time on the water your company can stay at the beach, relax and have a great time and they can see your return. 

Hotel Carribean World Ressort

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