Webcams at our stations in Soma Bay, Lake Garda and Boavista

Webcams at our stations in Soma Bay, Lake Garda and Boavista


Together with Addicted Sports, we operate a high-resolution webcam in Soma Bay. The webcam shows the spot directly in front of our station at the Hotel Caribbean World Resort Soma Bay. From here you can windsurf and kite directly. Kiters also have the option of booking our boat shuttle. It takes you to the lagoon on the windward side with a shallow area. If you don't want that, you can start kiting right in front of the station.

The anemometer is installed about 50 meters behind our surf and kite station on the hotel roof. You can add a good 5 knots to the displayed wind strength, which corresponds to the wind about 300 meters from the beach where you surf and kite.


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The high-resolution webcam from Addicted Sports is installed on the roof of the Hotel Capo Reamol. The view points north-north-east to Torbole. At the end of the lake you can see Monte Stivo. Due to the cape (the Capo Reamol), the rocky ledge that protrudes the most into the lake, a jet effect occurs precisely in the view of the webcam in front of our windsurfing and kite station, which is responsible for the high wind probability (over 90%). The Ora (south wind) together with the Hotel Pier achieve the greatest strength here. The Vento or Peler (north wind) in the morning is usually strongest here on the whole lake.

Since the anemometer is installed on the roof of the hotel, it is only an indicator that comes very close to the real conditions directly on the lake.


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Together with Addicted Sports, we operate the only webcam on the island on Boavista. The webcam show our spots where you can windsurf, surf, stand-up paddling, kiting and of course wing foiling.

Planet Allsports Boavista "TORTUGA" shows you the bay of Sal Rei from the Tortuga Beach Restaurant. On the right in the background you can see the island of Sal Rei. On the left in the picture you can see our house reef, there you will find a world class point brake. The wave breaks on both sides and is perfect for beginners and climbers.

We have installed a weather station on the webcam that show you the current wind. Since the wind is offshore, you can add a few knots on the water.