Stand-Up-Paddling Boavista

Wingfoil Wave-Clinic Boavista 25.11. - 01.12.2022


Be part of the first and exclusive Wingfoil MasterClass with Wingfoil World Cup Pro Wesley Brito and with me, Felix Quadfaß.

Boavista has developed into THE wingfoil spot and offers incredibly versatile conditions for every level. During our first wingfoil masterclass, Boavista local Wesley will introduce you to the secrets of his home spot Boavista.

On 6 event days you will experience intensive coaching from the World Cup Pro and from me as an experienced wingfoil trainer. The conditions couldn't be better than on Boavista, from flat water to waves of various shapes and sizes we find the perfect conditions for our learning goals.

We will guide you step by step into the wave and you will get to know a new dimension of wingfoiling. Don't worry, we can choose exactly the wave that suits your level and where you can experience your first feelings and experiences on the wave safely and without danger.

These are the facts about the Wingfoil Masterclass:

When: 25.11. - 01.12.2022

Where: Boavista / Kapverden


  • entry Wave-Technic
  • endless Waveriding with the foil
  • downwind sessions
  • tow-in foilen
  • first steps pumpfoiling
  • video-shooting and analysis
  • freeride and freestyle technic
  • equipment test
  • daily coaching for 4-6 hours

What´s included: 

  • eventpackage 
  • welcome drink und BBQ
  • video-shooting
  • eventlycra


  • consistant foiling
  • about 80% foiled jibe


  • You can either rent the latest wingfoil material from KT and North Kiteboarding from us and test different models at the same time, or you can bring your own material to Boavista


send us an inquiry and we will immediately send you a package offer for the MasterClass including flight and accommodation

  • There are flights from most German airports and many international airports to Boavista (BVC)


  • You will receive an individual offer from us according to your desired travel dates


Wesley Brito - GWA (Wingfoil World Tour) Pro and Boavista Local. Wesley started wingfoiling with us in 2019 and has had a steep career. He is now one of the top riders on the World Tour. Boavista always describes Wesley as the best spot out there.

Felix Quadfaß - I started wingfoiling in 2019, after that I developed a specific training concept for the new sport with my team at all Planet Allsports stations in 2019. In 2019 we were the first wingfoil school on Lake Garda and on Boavista. The different facets of wingfoiling inspire me and I love to share this fascination with you.


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