Price and course overview

Price and course overview

In order to make these beatiful sports affordable for as many people as possible, we calculate our prices as fair as possible. Despite all this, we want to offer you the best possible quality and the best possible service in all our stations.

Our prices for courses, rental and storage can be different from center to center because the costs for transportation, fuel, wages and other running costs variate at Boavista, Soma Bay or Lake Garda.

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We are happy to hear from you via e-mail, phone call or WhatsApp if you have any questions or need any help. Of course you can also send us a booking request. We try our best to immediately send you an offer or a booking confirmation and look forward to your visit.

The perfect lesson for you!

It is our goal to teach you how to kitesurf and/or windsurf as safe and fast as possible. Therefore we have a professional Team with educated and certificated instructors at all our centers.

The content of our windsurf courses is equal and in our usual high level of quality. Here you can check the content of our windsurfcourses.

When it comes to kiting, there are basically two different ways we teach: training in shallow water and in deep water by boat. Which variant we offer depends on the different areas. Lake Garda, for example, does not offer a shallow area here we train in small groups directly from the boat. Soma Bay, on the other hand, is one of the largest flat water areas in the world with a huge standing area. On Boavista you can start as an advanced kiter directly from the beach from our station on Bahia Beach. Since Boavista does not offer a shallow area, we also train here from the boat using the same method as on Lake Garda.
Both types of training have advantages and disadvantages.

Unfortunately, we naturally only offer our surfing courses on Boavista, as we only have surfable waves there. They are all the better for that. Located in the middle of the Atlantic, Boavista offers some of the best waves ever. Even world-class surfers such as B. Hawaiian Jamie O'Brien regularly comes to "surf the best waves in the world". Our "house wave" right in front of our station is perfect for learning surfing / surfing quickly, easily and safely.

FOILWING or WINGFOIL, this is a completely new sport that actually only really became marketable in 2019. It is a combination of windsurfing, kiting and wind foiling. When you see it for the first time you think that it would never be possible to stand with the kite on this board, but once you have tried it you will notice that it is not as difficult as you thought. We are committed to developing a proper training concept for the new sport Wingfoil in 2019, so that everyone can learn this fascinating sport quickly and easily. Even absolute beginners who have never had anything to do with windsurfing or kiting can quickly learn to cruise across the water with the wing as the drive motor.

Detailed information about the education on Boavista, in Soma Bay and at Lake Garda you just click on the location on the right side of this page. 

For any further questions you can contact us everytime. 

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