Kite Prices Gardasee | Capo Reamol

Kite Prices Gardasee | Capo Reamol


course days | -descriptionprices
1-day-course125 €
2-days-course229 €
3-days-course329 €
4-days-course419 €
5-days-course509 €
every additional day from the 5th day 

90 €
VDWS Kite-license40 €
Premium- | VIP-Kurs
with boat, instructor & equipment
price 1 personprice 2 persons
(price p.P.)
1-day-course (2h)
250 € 180 €
2-day-course (4h)
460 €340 €
3-day-course (6h)
675 €480 €
4-day-course (8h)
880 €-
5-day-course (10h)
1.050 €-

* The material (kite and board) as well as wetsuit, harness, life jacket and shoes are included in the course price. For safety reasons the courses are given with the rental equipment from the station. We don't take any responsibility for private material and it's usage nor change the prices when using private material.

The number of participants per course and teacher is max. 4 people. With fewer course participants, the course duration is reduced accordingly. The course time per day is about 3 hours and there can be booked up to 2 lessons per day.

Rental & Storage Price list

durationRental Kite, Bar & Board + KiteShuttle *
1 Session90 €
5 Sessions360 €
10 Sessions630 €
20 Sessions1120 €
1 Session with just the Kite (Kite, Bar + Boots-Lift)75 €
1 Session with just the Board (Kiteboard + Boots-Lift)65 €

* In order to rent kite equipment, you should at least have the VDWS Level 5 and run height safely. If you can not do that yet, unfortunately we can not give you any material alone, because your safety is the most important thing to us.

The multiple cards can only be booked in advance, individual kite lifts can not be charged on top. They multiple cards are valid for the current season. Neoprene suit, harness, life jacket and shoes are not included in the rental price and can be rented separately.

Kite-Shuttle | Boat-Lift

1 premium lift50 €
1 standard lift35 €
5x standard lift155 €
10x standard lift290 €
20x standard lift520 €

Rental: Wetsuit & Assecoires

price per day
wetsuit / neoprene
8 €
5 €
surf shoes
5 €
life jacket
5 €


For windsurfing and kite rescues we charge 50 € per rescue.

The following rules apply to the prices: