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Kite Courses and Rental for Beginners and Advanced


This amazing feeling of gliding almost weightlessly over the water, feeling the wind in your face and feeling free is simply indescribable. Kiting, kitesurfing or also called kiteboarding has developed into an absolute trend sport in an extremely short time. No wonder, because kitesurfing is really easy for everyone to learn in a very short time and is just a lot of fun.
You will be amazed from the first minute!

From Italy to Boavista and Safaga South you will always find a spot that offers you the best wind conditions and unforgettable kite sessions, no matter what level you are.

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Our goal is to teach you the fascination of kiting as safely and quickly as possible in small course groups, our professional team with trained and certified instructors is happy to help you.

Course schedule:

  • On the 1st day we explain the material and basic terms such as safety system, kite control, wind window, etc. in the 15 to 30 minute theory unit on land. Immediately afterwards you practice kite control and kite control from land or from the boat.
    In a group course, two students always share equipment, which saves energy and by watching certain processes are better conveyed and can be practiced more effectively after a short break.

  • On the 2nd day we deepen the kite feeling and fly to different zones in the wind window. We learn where the kite has more or less power. We practice the controlled pulling of the kite through the water, also known as bodydrag. The aim is for the kite to drag you in the desired direction.
  • 3rd day: The goal of the day is to get the board with the foot straps on your feet, to start for the first time (water start) and to ride the first few meters.
  • Day 4: After three days you can ride the first few meters on the kiteboard. It is important that you can ride safely and stably in both directions and steer the kite back to the 12 o'clock position so that you can stop and ride back. Unfortunately, you will not be able to “hold up” at first, but that is not a problem with our boat training (Boavista and Lake Garda), you will always be steered by our instructor in the boat and you can treat yourself to small breaks on the boat. In Safaga South we have a huge standing area where you will be teached.
  • On the 5th day, depending on your personal driving skills, practice what you have learned with targeted improvements. After two strokes you will be back where you started. You achieve this through the posture and edge technique of the board. Now it's time to practice, practice, practice ...

After each course unit we do a short debriefing and, if necessary, some theory.

Further course days from the 5th course day: On every further course day, we deepen the techniques of the previous days to your individual learning curve and train further advanced techniques.

Private lesson: If you want to achieve maximum learning progress in the shortest possible time, then you can treat yourself to a private lesson. Here we can concentrate 100% on you, respond to your wishes and questions.

Course equipment: In all courses, the material as well as helmet, suit, life jacket and shoes are included.

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  • Kite Kurse für Anfänger am Gardasee
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In our advanced courses, which start daily, we build exactly on your level. We accompany you in everything you want to learn and improve, e.g. turning, transition, jumps, backroll, frontroll, kiteloop.

If you want you can also learn kite foiling with us (Lake Garda). The new riding technique works with a board that has a so called foil mounted at the underside. The foil works then with a wing, lift the board out of the water while riding and lets you float over it. With your foil board you can learn the technique quickly and safely. We teach a maximum of two students at the same time.

Private lesson: Especially as an advanced kite surfer, it makes sense every now and then that you treat yourself to a private lesson or private course with a professional. With the support of video recordings and analysis, you will quickly experience the fascination of kiting yourself.

Course equipment: In all courses, the material as well as helmet, suit, life jacket and shoes are included.

NEW: Safety with BB Talkin Bluetooth system

In order to be able to give you even more security and an even better training with the best possible learning success, our certified teachers have been training you with the
Bb Talkin Headset System since last season. As a student, you get your own Bluetooth headset, which is integrated in the helmet, so you can not only understand the teacher better and more clearly, but also communicate directly with him. And thanks to the Bluetooth technology, the transmission is crystal clear.


We have the latest North Kiteboarding equipment for hire and for our courses at all our stations. Rent your premium windsurfing equipment from us flexibly, by the hour, half a day, whole day or several days at a time. If you want to book in advance and reserve the equipment you want, you can book for at least 3 days in a row (or more), or you can opt for the optional subscription, which allows you to choose the days you want to go on the water (e.g. 10 out of 14 days). If you rent equipment from us, you can always rely on us 100%. This is very important, especially in offshore or side winds, in order to have a relaxed session. You put yourself on a security list when you go on the water and from then on our team will keep an eye on you. Two to three boats are available at each station for your rescue.

Of course, we also have any equipment for you such as harnesses, wetsuits and neoprene shoes for a small amount. By the way, our harnesses and suits are also very up-to-date and from our partner Mystic.

Important INFO: In order to rent kite equipment, you should have at least VDWS Level 5 and be able to walk safely. If you are not yet able to do this, unfortunately we cannot give you any material alone, but only offer you participation in a course, as your safety is the most important thing to us.

storage private material and KITE SHUTTLE

If you have your own material, you can of course store it at our stations (exception Boavista) and at the spots where it is necessary we also offer a kite shuttle by boat. At our center on Lake Garda, storage is included free of charge in the shuttle price.

Even if you store your material with us, you can always rely on us 100%, which is very important, especially in offshore or side winds, in order to have a relaxed session. You always put yourself on a security list when you go on the water and from then on our team will keep an eye on you. Two to three boats are available at each station for your rescue.


"In my eyes, kitesurfing is one of the most fascinating and spectacular sports on earth. It is difficult to put the feeling of an ingenious kitesurfing session into words. Before I started kitesurfing, I had a number of board sports: skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, and surfing. But I never expected that kitesurfing would grab me so insanely and sustainably and give me the greatest feeling of happiness ever.
In our training courses in small groups, we cater to each student in a very targeted manner, regardless of whether you are a newcomer to water sports or have already practiced wind and water through other sports. You will love the fantastic feeling of kiting after a very short time."

If you have any further questions about kitesurfing, you are of course welcome to contact us at any time.

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