Stand-up paddling

Learn how to paddle on a stand-up paddleboard and enjoy the view from the water to the land!

Stand-up paddling is a wonderful way to get around on the water - sometimes sporty, sometimes relaxed!


Discover the world of stand-up paddling – a water sport that has probably been around for hundreds of years, but only arrived in our latitudes thanks to the passionate surf instructors and photographers on the sun-kissed islands of Hawaii. Known by the abbreviation SUP, this trend sport has taken Europe by storm and inspires people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are young or old, sporty or less sporty, you can try it out at our Planet Allsports kite and surf schools – and you don’t need any previous experience!

What makes stand-up paddling so special? Well, not only does it promise great fun, but it’s also an outstanding full-body workout. This sport, which allows you to paddle on rivers, lakes, and even waves, trains your body gently and carefully. It promotes strength, endurance, and balance in equal measure. The muscles in your back, stomach, and core in particular benefit from this unique workout.

Find out how SUP not only takes your fitness to a new level but also offers an exciting way to explore nature and strengthen your body at the same time.
The best thing about it? There is no “I CAN’T DO IT!” – anyone can learn to stand up paddle and experience the joy of water sports at our Planet Allsports kite and surf schools. After a short introduction to the basics of paddling and a practical intro with our coaches, our newcomers are then sent out on their own. Whether on Lake Garda for a cappuccino in the nearby town of Limone, exploring the turquoise blue and crystal-clear waters of Safaga South with its huge sandbank in Egypt, or surfing small to large waves directly in front of our center on Boavista. Explore the world of SUP and find out why this sport enriches not only the body but also the soul.

    Stand Up Paddling fun - Planet Allsports Kite and Surf School Boavista

Three dream spots for stand-up paddling

At Planet Allsports you can learn stand-up paddling at 3 different dream spots 365 days a year, experience your first waves as an advanced paddler or hire our top equipment.

    2 Stand-Up paddler paddling through water at Boavista
    2 women SUP at Lake Garda
    2 stand-up paddler going in to the water
    two blonde women on a Stand-Up-paddle Board
    Stand-Up Paddler auf Welle im Sonnenuntergang auf Boavista
    Wesley Brito buttomturn on wave at Boavista
    stand-up-paddler group in front of cliffs
    stand-up paddler on Lake Garda
    stand-up paddle group at Boavista
    3 stand-up paddler in front of cliffs

Further information & FAQ

We will be happy to answer all your questions about stand-up paddling so that you can take the introductory course and enjoy the equipment in a relaxed and fun way!

  • Why is stand up paddling so effective?

    The stand up paddling board engages the entire body’s muscles. You stand on the SUP board and have to constantly keep your balance with your legs to prevent the board from tipping over. This strengthens your leg muscles and trains your coordination and sense of balance. Stand up paddling also allows you to work your core muscles effectively, using your arms as a connection to the paddle.

  • Is stand up paddling a suitable sport for anyone?

    Stand Up Paddling is suitable for EVERY age and EVERY fitness level. Whether you are young and want to push your limits with stand-up paddling, or older and want to do some sport for your whole body to stay fit and healthy.

  • Can I rent equipment without a course?

    You can also rent equipment from us without a course if the weather conditions are suitable. When the equipment is handed out, you will only receive a very short briefing with the correct paddle adjustment to your size.

  • What do I do in windy conditions?

    You always sign in on a security list when you go out on the water and from then on our team will keep an eye on you. Boats will be ready at every station to rescue you if the wind picks up.


“For me, stand-up paddling is often the perfect balance to windy action days. SUP is a full-body workout because it requires you to maintain constant tension in your core muscles so that you keep your balance and don’t fall into the water. This strengthens your legs and core in particular. It also sharpens your ability to concentrate, which will benefit you in everyday life, it simply reduces stress enormously and, above all, you can experience nature from the water in a completely new way. The great thing about SUP is that anyone can learn it and quickly find a great water sport for themselves.”