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Windsurfing is one of the most fascinating and spectacular sports in the world. Of all the water sports with a board under your feet, the learning curve in windsurfing is the steepest. Admittedly, the beginning demands a lot of coordination and probably in almost no other sport is joy and sorrow so close at the beginning. But once you overcome this first hurdle, you experience the indescribable feeling of gliding across the water almost at one with the wind.
At first you struggle to get back to the starting point and later it is z. B. a freestyle maneuver like the spock or the power jibe, which sometimes makes you desperate. And yet windsurfing remains one of the most beautiful sports of all. After more than 50 years of windsurfing history from California, today you can find 365 days of windsurfing fun all over the world.

From Italy to Boavista and Safaga South you will always find a spot at Planet Allsports that offers you the best wind conditions. At all of our spots you can of course rent the latest premium quality material and of course you can also take group lessons or private lessons from our qualified and empathetic teachers. Of course we teach every level, beginners, intermediates and advanced.


Beginner windsurf courses

Our goal is to convey the fascination of windsurfing to you as safely and quickly as possible. Our professional team with trained and certified teachers is at your disposal for this.

Day 1: On the first day of the beginners windsurfing course we will introduce you to the world of windsurfing. In a short theoretical unit, we will explain the material, motion sequences and a few basic terms of windsurfing such as B. luffing and falling, turning and hauling tight, etc., then you will go on the water for the first time. The aim of the first day is that you can immediately drive independently under guidance.

2nd day: What has been learned is repeated and deepened. Above all, we pay attention to your driving position and practice cruising (to wind up - walking uphill) with you. The aim of the day is for you to come back to your starting point on your own.

Day 3: Here we dedicate ourselves to other maneuvers such as jibing, the beach start and learn to cope with a larger sail and more wind.

Day 4: We build on what you have learned so far and, depending on your personal driving skills, practice further maneuvers.

Each additional day of the course: Individual learning adapted to your level and your learning curve. On each additional day of the course, we can deepen the techniques of the previous days and learn more advanced techniques. Windsurfing is pure fascination and you will still be able to learn a lot even after 20 years.

Private lesson: If you want to achieve maximum learning progress in the shortest possible time, then you can treat yourself to a private lesson. Here we can concentrate 100% on you, respond to your wishes and questions.

Equipment: In all courses the material (windsurf board and sails) as well as suit, life jacket and shoes are included.

advanced windsurf courses

  • In all advanced courses we build exactly on your level. We accompany you in everything you want to learn: beach start, water start, gliding, driving foot straps, trapeze driving up to the king of all maneuvers the front loop or of course freestyle maneuvers.
  • The course duration per course day is approx. 2-3 hours. Up to two lessons per day can also be booked.
  • The safety of our courses is our top priority, which is why we use our proven Bb Talkin Bluetooth Headset System for almost all courses. We offer all students an even better training course with the best possible learning success.
  • In all courses the material (windsurf board and sails) as well as suit, life jacket and shoes are included.
  • Private lesson: Especially as an advanced windsurfer, it makes sense every now and then that you treat yourself to a private lesson with a professional. With the support of video recordings and analysis, we bring you to your dream maneuver such as B. the power jibe or the water start a little closer. Often there are just a few little tricks that have been hampering your learning curve for years.


In order to be able to give you even more security and an even better training with the best possible learning success, our certified teachers have been training you with the Bb Talkin Bluetooth System since this season. As a student, you get your own Bluetooth headset, which is integrated in the helmet, so you can not only understand the teacher better and more clearly, but also communicate directly with him. The Bluetooth technology makes the transmission crystal clear.


In the last 30 years the sport has become even more dynamic and the material has developed tremendously. Today you only need 5-10 minutes to build up your material. QUATRO / GOYA from Maui, the cradle of windsurfing, has been our partner since the beginning of 2017 and you can test a selection of the QUATRO / GOYA material in our beginners, intermediate and advanced courses. At our three stations in Boavista, Safaga South and Lake Garda we always have the latest premium equipment from Goya and Quatro available for you to rent.

In our Planet Allsports windsurf schools we have the following windsurf boards and windsurf sails of various categories and sizes:


Goya One 3 Pro 86 Liter
Goya One 3 Pro 96 Liter
Goya One 3 Pro 106 Liter
Goya One 3 Pro 116 Liter

Goya Volar 105
Goya Volar 115
Goya Volar 130
Goya Volar 145
Goya Volar 160

Freerace (only Lake Garda):
Goya Bolt Pro 117
Goya Bolt Pro 127
Goya Bolt Pro 137


Goya Banzai Pro 3.7 qm - 5.7 qm
Goya Fringe Pro 3.7 qm - 5.7 qm 

Mark Pro 5.4 qm - 8.5 qm 

Scion X Pro 2.5 qm - 3.5 qm 

  • Rent your premium windsurfing equipment from us flexibly, by the hour, half a day, whole day or several days in a row.
  • If you want to book in advance and reserve the equipment you want, you can book for at least 3 days in a row (or more), or you can opt for the optional subscription, which allows you to freely choose the days on which you want to be on the water (e.g. 10 out of 14 days).
  • If you rent equipment from us, you can always rely on us 100%. This is very important, especially in offshore or side winds, in order to have a relaxed session. You put yourself on a security list when you go on the water and from then on our team will keep an eye on you. Two to three boats are available at each station for your rescue.
  • Of course, we also have any equipment for you such as harnesses, wetsuits and neoprene shoes for a small amount. By the way, our harnesses and suits are also very up-to-date and from our partner Mystic.


Families with children up to 3 years of age can take turns sharing equipment at no extra charge. If you would like to share equipment with your partner, we offer you a partner tariff for plus 25% on the regular price.
By the way, we offer children up to and including 15 years of age 30% off the rental of kite, windsurf or wingfoil equipment.


Nobody likes it, but every water sports enthusiast knows that there can be days without good wind even at our windproof spots. In this case, SUP boards are sometimes available at each station for a small surcharge so that you can have fun on the water every day.

storage private Material

Even if you come to us with your own windsurfing equipment, we offer you the complete infrastructure you need so that you can concentrate on windsurfing without worries. If you store your material with us, you can always rely 100% on us, which is very important, especially in offshore or side winds, in order to have a relaxed session. You put yourself on a security list when you go on the water and from then on our team will keep an eye on you. Two to three boats are available at each station for your rescue.


"In my opinion, windsurfing is one of the most fascinating and spectacular sports on earth. It is difficult to put the feeling of a brilliant windsurfing session with good friends into words. But when I try, only words like, hammer, fat, cool or Crazy. Anyone who has ever been gliding with the board will never forget this feeling and will become addicted. You always want more and need it more than ever. The next step is a VW bus or station wagon and no more summer vacation without windsurfing. I've been windsurfing for about 30 years now and the fascination is still like it was on the first day! "

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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