Kitelessons at Lake Garda

Kitelessons at Lake Garda

When do the kite courses start?
Our courses take place every day during the season at 7:30 and 13:00.

Which course do I need as a beginner?
You get a first impression of kiting on the first day. In order to learn kiting we recommend at least 3 days, optimally 4-5 days.

How does the kite course work?
We meet at the station about 30 minutes before the start of the course or at one of our pick-up points e.g. in Limone or Navene at the beach. Then we dress you and start the course. The first lesson takes place partly on land but we go onto the water as soon as possible. After the course we will do a short rebriefing and maybe some theory.

How many students are in a kite course?
We train with a maximum of 4 students per teacher and per boat. That's the only way we can provide you with intensive care and you can learn how to kite as quickly and effectively as possible.

I can already kite, but I would like to learn something else, are there any courses for that?
No matter what level you have, whether you are a bloody beginner or if you want to learn to jump or have a special trick in mind. We teach in very small groups and are very specific and individually on your skills and your learning.

What do I need for the kite course?
Of course you'll get all the equipment such as wetsuit, harness, life jacket and shoes from us. So you only need a towel, sunscreen, possibly a cap and something to drink.

When do I have to book the course?
The sooner you book, the better. Of course, you can also sign up at short notice, but since we only train in small groups, the risk is great that we have no space for a spontaneous application and you can start only on another day.

At what age can I learn kiting?
A prescribed age does not exist. As a rule, we train children from the age of about 10, but that depends in particular on the physical constitution. However, we train especially young and light children only 1 to 1, which means in the private course.

How much is the kite course?
A 1-day course costs 125 euros. If you book several days at a time, you'll save a little bit and have a reserved place in the course.

What is Foil and how can I learn it?
Foiling is a new riding technique when kiting and works with a special board that has a so-called foil mounted on the bottom. The foil then works like a grand wing, lifting the board out of the water as it drifts and makes you hover over it. With our special foilboards you learn the new technology quickly and safely. We teach max. two students at the same time.

Will I receive a certificate after the course?
As an officially licensed VDWS kite and windsurfing school, we also give you the VDWS Kite license if you want it. The license is valid worldwide and you need it in particular to borrow material. Your surf skills are listed on it and it'll be updated with further progress. For the first issue of the license an extra fee of 40 € will be charged.

Isn't it better to learn how to kite in the stagnant area?
Without question, shallow areas have many advantages. But boat training also has a lot of advantages to kiting:
- a lot of space
- very safe and almost no risk of injury
- your teacher can be very close to you
- you have much more effective time on the kite and on the water to learn quickly, because you do not have to run back when you're aborted

What if there is no wind or too much wind?
We always try to find the best possible conditions for your course so that you can learn optimally. Should the weather fail us, then you will receive a voucher from us, which you can redeem at one of our three schools.

We wish you a lot of fun and success with your kite course.
Here you can book your kite course on Lake Garda.


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