Learn kitesurfing in Soma Bay with Planet Allsports

Learn kitesurfing in Soma Bay with Planet Allsports

Frequently asked questions:

When do the kitecourses start?
Our school is open all year round, every day from 8:30 am to 6 pm. Courses can be arranged every day at individual times.

How many days should I book?
You wil get the first impression of kitesurfing at the first day. To learn kitesurfing properly we suggest at least 3 days, better is 4-5 days.

How does a kitecourse look like?
We meet ca 30 minutes before course start at the center. You will get your wetsuit and equipment, and we start. The beginning of the first lesson takes part on the land but we hit the water as fast as possible. In the water the lesson takes 2-3 hours, depending on the wind. Right after the course we have a short recab and sometimes even a little bit of theory.

How many students participate in one lesson?
We teach a maximum of 4 students with one teacher and boat. Like this we can give you intensive care and you can learn kitesurfing fast and successfully.

I'm already able to kitesurf but I want to get better. Are there courses for this also?
Independent from your Level, if it's your first day or you want to learn a certain trick, we teach in small groups and take care about your certain and individual skills and goals.

What do I need for the kitecourse?
The whole equipment like wetsuit, harness, lifevest and in case shoes you will get from us. What you need to bring is a towel, suncream, something to drink and maybe a hat or cap.

When should I book the course?
Je earlier you book the course, the better. Of course you can also book a course spontanious but because we teach in very small groups there is a risk that there is no place for you right at the moment and you have to start another day with your course.

How old do I have to be to start kitesurfing?
There is no mandatory age. Generally we teach kids from the age of 10 years but the important factor is the physical constitution. Very young and light kids we do teach just in privat lessons in 1 to 1. 

How much does a kite course cost?
A 1-day course costs 105 Euros. If you book more days in a row you will save some euros and your place in the course is saved. Here you find our pricelist

Do I get a license after the course?
We are a official licensed VDWS Kite- and Windsurfschool. Therefore you can get the official VDWS license if you want that. The license is valid in the whole world and will need it especially to rent equipment. Your current abilities are getting tracked on the license and updated when you learn something new. It costs 45 € to issue the license in the first place. To update it later is for free.

Isn't it better to learn kitesurfing in shallow water?
There is no doubt that shallow areas have got advantages but also to teach kitesurfing from a boat has got a lot of advantages:
- a lot of space
- especially save and less risk to hurt yourself on the bottom or at other students
- your teacher can be very close to you
- you have got effectively more time with your kite because you don't have to walk back, when you got swept away

What happens if there is no wind or too much wind?
We try to allways have the best conditions that you can improve the most. In case the weather lets us down you will get a voucher that you can redeem at one of our three centers.

We wish you a lot of fun and success with your kitecourse.
You can book your kitecourse in Boavista right here.

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