SUP-boarding at all Planet Allsports destinations

SUP-boarding at all Planet Allsports destinations

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Stand up paddling probably exists since thousends of years as a form to move along on top of the water. But the surf insctructors and fotographers in hawai made it socially acceptable brought this trend sport to europe. 
Nowadays stand up paddlers surf waves, battle in long distance races or simply cruise along in some river or on a lake to have a look at the landscape.

The amazing thing about SUP is, absolutely EVERYBODY can do it. It doesn't matter if you are young, old more or less sportive. There is no previous experience needed.
There is no "I CANNOT DO THIS.."!

But SUP is not just a lot of fun it is also a perfect workout for your entire body. It trains your power, endurance and balance in a very gentle way for your joints. Especially your back, your abdomen and your trunk is getting it's training with this kind of movement.

The newcomers are going to get a quick theoretical & practical introduction to the basics of stand up paddling by our coaches and then you are ready to hit the water. 

You can go for a cappuchino to Limone from our center at Lake Garda, have a cruise along the turquoise water withs its wonderfull underwater world in the Soma Bay in Egypt or to take some waves of smaller or even bigger size at our center in Boavista.
We are looking forward to share this passion with you and to be enjoying a lot of wonderful moments together on top of and next to the water at our centers. 

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