Stand- Up-Paddle on Boavista with Planet Allsports

Stand- Up-Paddle on Boavista with Planet Allsports

Boavista is a beautiful place to discover with the SUP and it offers i big range of different options. When you are a beginner in water sports you can take a ride along the mostly flat ocean and for example see the sunset or haveyour first try at a wave. There have already been a lot of Kite- and Windsurfers that have been suprised how much fun you can haveon a day without wind.

At our beach there is two wavespots close enough to paddle there. The so called Reef-wave is smaler and more moderate and it's just two minutes out front of the center at the left side. Everybody can have a lot of fun over here, ifit's your first time with the SUP in the wave or if you are a little bit more experienced and just want to go out for some quick 10 waves. 
Those that are a little bit more experienced can paddle ca. 15 minutes to the Liowa-wave (it's the portugese name for lion) to catch some bigger waves over there.

Both spot have in common that they are beautiful pointbreaks which means that you can easily paddle arround the waves on the side to paddle back into the wave just at the right spot with no hustle. This saves your power and your nerves :)
At the wavespots you can definetly see that Boavista isnot very touristic, yet. A lot of times you are at the spot just by yourself and you catch in 30 minutes more waves than on a whole surf-day in france.

If you book a week or more Windsurf- or kite equipment or rental in advance, you can use the SUP-Boards and surfboards at any time free of charge, if available.

You can find all prices for stand-up-paddling on Boavista right here.