Stand-Up-Paddle at Lake Garda with Planet Allsports

Stand-Up-Paddle at Lake Garda with Planet Allsports

Lake Garda is a unique place to paddle with a SUP. 
It's perfect for watersports-beginners to go out when there is the water very flat. It's the time when the wind changes its direction from north to south. Depending on the strenght of the wind from direction north and the starting point of the thermical wind from the south this is between 9 AM and 2 PM.

It's just breath-taking to paddle along the steep coast that ends just in the lake. This experience to be floating surrounded just by water enjoying this view is very idyllic and not to compare to a ride with one of the ferries.

If you want to challange yourself a little bit more you can also go out at the wind and waves conditions. Now body tension and balancing movements are necessary. When you enjoy your beer after the session you'll definitely feel your workout. Also a lot of people like to paddle at midday in direction south and to return to the center with wind in their back riding the waves.

It doesn't matter if you want to go for a cruise, have a workout or something in between at Lake Garda you will have a great time with our SUP's on the water with an amazing view.

Here you can find all our sup-prices for Lake Garda.