The fascination of windsurfing

The fascination of windsurfing

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Learn windsurfing with Planet Allsports

In my opinion, windsurfing is one of the most fascinating and spectacular sports on earth. It's hard to find the right words for the feeling of a brilliant windsurfing session with good friends. But when I try, I can only think of words like brilliant, awesome, unbelievable or incredible.

Probably, in almost no other sport, joy and suffering are so close together, especially at the beginning. So at first you fight to get back to the starting point and later it is e.g., a freestyle maneuver like the spock or the power neck on which you sometimes despair.

After more than 50 years of windsurfing history coming from California it is finally possible to windsurf all year round and all over the globe! From Italy to Boavistaand in Soma Bay - Planet Allsports offers you beautiful windsurfspots with the best windsafety possible!

Latest equipment from Quatro & Goya

Only one thing has changed, in the last 30 years: the sport has taken even more momentum and the material has developed enormously. To build up your material you just need 5-10 minutes nowadays. Since the beginning of 2017 QUATRO / GOYA  from Maui, the cradle of windsurfing, is our new partner and you can test a selection of QUATRO / GOYA material at our centers. Reserve your equipment now and contact  us!


Felix Quadfass about windsurfing

No matter what, windsurfing for me is one of the most beautiful sports ever. Anyone who has ever glided with the board will never forget that feeling and will become addicted. You always want more and you need it more than ever. The next step is a VW bus or caravan and no summer vacation without windsurfing. I windsurf for about 30 years now and the fascination is still as on day one! 

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