Brand new windsurf rental equipment for you!

Brand new windsurf rental equipment for you!

At our three stations Boavista, Lake Garda and Soma Bay we always carry the latest equipment from Goya and Quattro for you.
For a little extra fee we obviosly provide you any type of eqiupment such as harnesses, wetsuits and neo-shoes, too.

You can book with us either 3 days in a row (or more), or you can book "free choice" - ticket in order to be able to choose the days you want to go on the water (say 10 out of 14 days). The exact services and prices for our stations can be found on the right side of this page.

If you rent material from us, you can always count  100% on us. This is very important for offshore or lateral wind in order to have a relaxed session. When you go on the water you write yourself on a security list and from then on our team will keep an eye on you. At each station, there are two to three boats ready for your rescue.

Nobody likes it, but every enthusiast of water sports knows that there can be days without good wind at our windsafe spots. In this case, SUP boards are available, sometimes at extra charge, so you can have fun on the water every day.

Current offers:

NEW!!! Families with children up to 3 years old can share equipment at no extra cost. If you want to share equipment with your partner, we offer you a partner rate with 25% off the regular price.

With us children, up to and including 15 years, get a 30% discount off kitematerial rental (accessories excluded).

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