The content of our windsurf courses

The content of our windsurf courses

The content and high quality of a windsurf lesson is equal at all our centers. Here is a short summary:


1st day
On the first day we introduce you to the basics of windsurfing. You'll get an explanation of the material as well as a couple of basic ideas of the windsurfers world and technique. After all this you will go on the water the first time. Our goal is to show you how to and make you windsurf on your own. 

2nd day
Everything you learned will be repeated and deepened. Of course we'll also have a look on your surfing position and practice the crossing (windcrossing upwards). The goal of the day is that you can get back to your start point safe and on your own. 

3rd day
Here we practice exercises such as the jibe, the beachstart as well as surfing with a bigger sail and/or more wind. 

4th day
On day four we combine everything you've learned and practice more maneuvers - depending on your skills.

every additional course day 
Individual training according to your skill level and your training curve. On every additional day from now on we practice our technique of the day(s) before and add other advanced techniqual details. Windsurfing is a fascination and you can always learn more and more even after 20 years.

private / VIP - lesson 
If you would like to get the most out of a small periode of time you can grant yourself a private lesson. Like this we will be there for you and help you 100% of the time.


During all of our advanced courses we build exactely on the abilities you have and accompany you with everything you'd like to learn. Beachstart, waterstart, gliding, surfing with footstraps and/or harness and so on... 

private / VIP lesson
Especially when beein advanced it makes sence to take a private lesson with a pro every now and then. With the help of video material and analytics of yourself we can teach you maneuvers more precise and faster than in a group lesson. Most of the time you are just a small step away from doing one of the exercises you're dreaming about. 

* The material is included during all of our lessons  (board and sail as well as wet suit, life jacket and shoes including 2-3 hours of course duration). You can also book up to two lessons per Tag. The max. of course participants per instructor are 3-6 people. The duration of the course shrinks according to the people participating.

You can find more information about Windsurfing at our spots when clicking on the destination: Boavista, Soma Bay, Lake Garda

If you have more questions about this, feel free to contact us.


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