Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen – Terms and Conditions

Booking/Payment Terms: The payment for the booking needs to be done with the booking date latest upon arrival.
For pre-booked services, the original voucher or e-mail confirmation has to be presented at the check-in.
We accept payments in advance by credit card and bank transfer (IBAN). On site payments can be done cash or by credit card.

Cancellation Terms: Booked services may be canceled via e-mail or telephone.
The following conditions apply for cancellations:

till 30 days before travel date: 20%
29 days to 22 days before travel date: 25%
21 days to 15 days before travel date: 30%
14 days to 8 days before travel date: 45%
7 days to 1 day before travel date: 60%
non-attandance: 100%

Since it is an outdoor sport that is subject to weather-related influences, the organizer
reserves the right to cancel the course for safety reasons or reasons of not being feasible.
If the course can not run due to the weather or not within the prescribed framework and
under the necessary conditions. There is no entitlement to reimbursement of the course fee. Planet Allsports is not obligated to refund the course fee, if a customer wants to quit the course due to personal reasons.

Contractual limitation of liability: Planet Allsports assume no liability for any monetary,
factual or health damage arising in connection with the course/rent. Liability for damage
caused by force majeure or weather influences and the provision of services is completely
excluded, the course participant is not entitled to reimbursement of the costs.

General Terms and Condition – Center and Water:

  1. The rental equipment can be used only during the opening times. There is no rescue
    provided out of the opening times.
  2. Children under 18 years should be accompanied by their parents. They are responsible
    for them. Written approval from the parents is necessary.
  3. In the counting of hiring hours, fraction of hours will be not considered.
  4. The rental (daily and hours) will begin when the material is given to the customer and
    will end when the equipment has been returned to the staff.
    The safety and operational readiness of the material is ensured by regular inspection.
  5. In order to rent materials (daily and hourly) you have to leave an ID card at the center.
    That will be returned at the end of the rental period when payment has been made.
  6. The hired equipment is personal and cannot be lent to other people: if people use the
    same equipment, the price will be increased according to our pricelist.
  7. You will get information about the wind force and direction before surfing directly at
    the center from the staff. Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and SUP is only allowed in front of the
    center and during the opening hours.
  8. Do not ride in areas or conditions which exceed your sailing skills. Kitelift clients has to
    ride in areas as explained from the center staff.
  9. If you need to be rescued by boat, use the international distress signals – wave your
    hands above your head. If you are far offshore from the beach, wave your rig out of the
    water to be seen. If the equipment breaks not caused by the hirer, rescue trip will not
    be charged. All other rescues must be paid cash (80 Euro per person/rescue).
  10. Slow down in shore areas.
  11. The equipment insurance does not cover fin breaks caused by negligence during
    the ride or lost equipment. Lost equipment will be charged by the listed recommended
    retail price. Without this insurance all damages will be changed according to the repair
    price list or in case of a total damage by the recommended retail price. The insurance
    is only valid by signed guest card. The customer is obliged to inform the staff of any
    damage caused during or found before sailing.
  12. It is assumed that the hirer has a basic knowledge of the booked rental-service, is
    in good health condition and is able to swim in open water at least 20 minutes. With
    winds over 11 knots you must have to practice the windsurfing knowledge of water
    starting. Minimum Kitelevel for Kiterental is VDWS Level 5 (going upwind). If the
    kitelevel is insufficient for rental or kitelift, the voucher will be changed into lessons
    or supervision.
  13. The hirer knows and complies with all international navigation rules applicable
    to sail powered craft (give way to all swimmers, snorkelers, paddle boat and beginners).
  14. For your own safety it is obligatory to sign in and sign off at the safety-list when
    you go riding and inform the center in case you want to surf outside of the designated area.
  15. It is allowed to leave the material (max. 15 min.) at the beach like follow:
    • Windsurfing kit should stay with the fin down and the sail leeward to the board;
    • The kite with the leading edge to windward and the board should be left on top
      (fins upside).
    • It is forbidden to leave the material on the shore or in the water unattended, even
      for short periods.
    • Do not leave the gear longer than 15 minutes in the sun during the break.
  1. Do not leave the gear longer than 15 minutes in the sun during the break.
  2. It is forbidden to use water resistant sun creams or tanning oils before or during
  3. Wetsuits, lifejacket and harnesses have to be washed with fresh-water before they
    are returned to the center.
  4. For privately stored material assumes the Center does not cover damage caused by
    outside influences or theft.
  5. Please note that due to security reasons all courses incl. material will be held with
    the center equipment. Courses cannot be held with private equipment except
    “private lessons”, „advanced courses“ and “supervisons”. There is no price reduction in
    case you use your private equipment during the course.
  6. The center will not take any responsibility about the private equipment in general
    and during shuttles, trips and courses etc. in case of damage or loss.
  7. You are fully responsible for your private kite equipment and the correct preparation
    for the kite lift. The center team does not take any responsibility in case of tumbled
    lines or inverted kite lines etc. When the kite is not able to start, the kite lift can´t be
    but will be charged as booked. Optionally a rental kite can be rented if available,
    according to the pricelist.
  8. Kitelifts will be charged according to the pricelist, also in case of no wind or short
    duration time.
  9. It is possible to change the material by asking the staff.
  10. For booked services, such as courses and kite lifts, you have to be in time and not be
    later than 15 min. For no shows we charge 70% of the course price.
  11. There is no discount in the case of no wind conditions or in the case you use the
    material less than your booked period. There will be no refund if you do not use the
    hired material for a diminishing or lack of wind or in case of sickness (without any
    medical documentation).
  12. The center and its employees assume no liability for hirer and third-party. A
    personal insurance is the responsibility of the hirer. If an injury occurs during lessons,
    with a third person, the center will cover any injuries.
  13. The clients should respect and observe the center information; in all cases the
    client is behaving dangerously or disturbs the course the center manager will keep
    the right to expel the hirer from the center without refunding the course or rental
    fee. The center can refuse to hire equipment for different reason (weather
    condition, etc.).
  14. Planet Allsports is not taking any responsibility for the client. He is responsible
    for her/himself and windsurf, kitesurf, surf, wingfoil and sup on her/his own risk.
    Basically, the client runs the water sports courses and rental at his own risk and
    must comply with local, national and international safety guidelines. Wearing a
    life west is legally required.

31. The material insurance from Planet Allsports is optional and covers damages that
occur from the use of the equipment in the water, such as breakages in the sail’s
monofilm, damage to the board, boom or mast and / or breakages caused by falls
in speed. The insurance does not cover damage caused by carelessness in the water
and on land (for example, going against stones and rocks) and failure to observe
the rules of precedence. Breakage of materials is also excluded when they have
been deliberately caused by a jump in the sail or improper use. Furthermore, the
customer is responsible for material and personal injuries caused by his unattended
or unsecured material (eg on the beach). If third parties are involved in the incident
and are liable for damage to the equipment you have rented in the center, the
person who caused the damage must be taken to the office by the renter, in order to
get their personal details and the recognition of responsibility.