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A significant part of our philosophy is not only the demand for the highest possible quality but above all the personal and familiar atmosphere that defines us and which is very important to me personally. Therefore I would like to introduce you to some of my team, all of whom are very important to me, who bring this philosophy to life, and who welcome you here with me. We are all looking forward to seeing you and giving you an unforgettable time at my stations and sharing the fascination of surfing with you. 
A little further down on the page, you have the opportunity to be part of my wonderful team and live the philosophy of Planet Allsports. 
And of course, I would also like to mention our most important partners, who also fit in with our philosophy and are therefore also part of the Planet Allsports family.

Our headquarter in garmisch-partenkirchen

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    Planet Allsports Team Felix Quadfaß Inhaber
    Felix QuadfaSS
    Owner, management
    Planet Allsports Team Diana Lammel Kundenberatung
    diana lammel
    Marketing, customer service
    Planet Allsports Team Anna Koltan Reception
    Anna Koltan
    Customer advice
    Planet Allsports Team Nadia Myakotina Content Creator
    Nadia Myakotina
    Content Creator
    Planet Allsports Team Benedikt Risch
    Benedikt Risch
    Product management

Our team on lake garda, italy

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    Planet Allsports Team Benedikt Risch Center Manager
    Benedikt Risch
    Center Manager
    Planet Allsports Team Anna Koltan Reception
    Anna Koltan
    Customer advice
    Planet Allsports Team Stephanie Gevorgyan Lehrerin
    Stephanie Gevorgyan
    Planet Allsports Team Giada Alunni Lehrerin
    Giada Alunni
    Planet Allsports Team Pim van den Heuvel Instructor
    Pim van den Heuvel

Our team on Boavista, cape verde

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    Planet Allsports Team Boavista Luca Schrieder Center Manager
    Luca Schrieder
    Center Manager
    Ina Mühlberg Planet Allsports Boavista Frontoffice
    Ina Mühlberg
    Dani Planet Allsports Boavista Beachassistant
    Dani da Rosa
    Beach Assistent
    Elvin Wing and Windsurf Lehrer Planet Allsports Boavista
    Elvin Morais
    Beach Assistent, instructor
    Planet Allsports Team Denis Jewtuszenko Lehrer
    Denis Jewtuszenko
    Planet Allsports Team Philipp Dörflein Lehrer
    Philipp Dörflein

Our team in safaga south, egypt

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    Planet Allsports Team Aline Pfister Center Manager
    Center manager, kite teacher
    Planet Allsports Team Hamada Center Manager
    Center Manager


Become part of our Planet Allsports team!

Our partners

We are proud to have been working with the leading brands and manufacturers for many years and to offer our partners' products to our guests. With our many years of experience and as a pioneer in water sports, we pass on our know-how to our partners and thus significantly contribute to the further development of products and sports. You can test the latest trends and products from our premium partners with us.


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