Surf and kite school in Safaga South, Egypt

Learn kitesurfing, windsurfing or wingfoiling individually and quickly in a beautiful standing area 365 days a year

Fantastic sessions at a wind-safe and dreamlike spot for every level

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Welcome to Planet Allsports Kite and Surf School in Safaga South, Egypt – the ideal spot where your watersports dreams come true and the sun shines all year round! We are proud to be the first wingfoil school in Europe and Egypt and invite you to become part of our watersports family.
Our familiar and warm atmosphere at the newly discovered dream spot creates a unique environment where you will feel comfortable and welcome right from the start.

Here in Safaga South, you can windsurf, wingfoil, kitesurf, and stand-up paddle 365 days a year at our all-round spot with constant side / side-on shore wind from the left. Just 10 kilometers south of Safaga, we have absolutely paradisiacal conditions below Soma Bay.
Here you will find a picturesque flat water area with a spacious standing area right on your doorstep. For all wingfoilers, this area is only shallow at the beginning, as the water deepens after just a few metres and you can glide and fly over the water in a relaxed manner.
Further out, you pass over a huge sandbank with crystal-clear water and sand that is even whiter than in the Caribbean. The perfect scenery for your mega action shot, which our instructors will be happy to take of you with the GoPro.

And the best thing is that our water sports center is located right next to the Mirage Safaga South Apartments & Suites hotel. So you can literally jump from bed to board! We not only offer individual and group lessons and rentals but also the opportunity to experience a completely different Egypt, away from the mass tourism and all-inclusive offers. The hotel has only 18 rooms, which allows us to fulfill all your wishes in a very individual and attentive way. All this in a relaxed “hang loose” atmosphere that inspires the soul of every water sports enthusiast. Experience the fascination of water sports with us and enjoy an unforgettable adventure in Safaga South!

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Our sports in Safaga South

Enjoy our individual and versatile water sports activities

The dream all-round spot in the centre of authentic Egypt away from mass tourism

At Planet Allsports Safaga South, you are at the priority. We offer you personalised support and attach great importance to ensuring that you feel in the best hands with us. 
We deliberately work with small and very individual course groups, focus 100% on your personal level, and offer you individual support in addition to all the water sports on offer, starting with a personal pick-up from the airport, for example, continuing with an organised quad tour and ending with a traditional Egyptian “come together evening” at the hotel. At Planet Allsports Safaga South, you’ll find more than just a school – you’ll find a water sports family waiting to introduce you to the fascinating world of water sports. Your journey starts here, in Safaga South, Egypt, where sun, wind and water make for unforgettable adventures. We look forward to welcoming you here and experiencing fantastic water sports sessions with you.

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    Sunset at the Red Sea with parasol
    windsurfer plaining at the Red Sea in blue water with yellow sail and board
    PlanetAllsports Safaga South Kiteboarding view land
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    PlanetAllsports Kite and Surf School Egypt Safaga South
    Planet Allsports Safaga South Kite Windsurf School
    Kitesurfer lands after jump in blue water
    Hotel Mirage Safaga South mit Lagune und Strand und Surfschule

Spotmap Safaga South

Our spot in Safaga South, Egypt


We look forward to welcoming you to our surf and kite school all year round from 01.01.2024. We are there for you daily (7 days a week) from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.


The family Surfer Hotel right next to our school is located in a quiet neighborhood and has 18 rooms, including 4 apartments with a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Ideal for larger families and small groups. The hotel is 50 meters from the sea and mainly accommodates water sports guests.

The hotel primarily offers local Egyptian cuisine, including healthy and light meals as well as a good selection for vegetarians. Individual wishes can be taken into account thanks to the small hotel.

Together with the hotel, we also offer our guests BBQ evenings, traditional tea and coffee evenings on the beach, outdoor film evenings, game evenings, and even more surprise events.


Everything about our opening hours, course offers, rental equipment, accommodation, airport transfers, wind conditions, etc.

  • What are the opening hours?

    Our opening hours are from 8 am to 5 pm daily and on certain evenings we are happy to stay open even longer if we organise special evenings for you and your family/friends together with the hotel. Our school is open all year round. 

  • Are there any other hotels nearby?

    Just a few minutes drive south of our spot are two larger hotels, the Coral Beach (10 minutes) and the Tui Magic Life (18 minutes) with all-inclusive offers. We offer our own transfer for both hotels (Coral 20 euros return and TUI 25 euros return).


    We also offer a shuttle to the hotels in the north, i.e. Safaga and Soma Bay. The Mövenpick, for example, can be reached in 20 minutes. The hotels in upper Soma Bay, such as the Robinson, are 35 minutes away. Costs approx. 30 euros there and back.

  • How far is it to the airport?

    The journey to the nearest airport (Hurghada) takes 55 minutes. We offer you a shuttle for 70 Eure, which will pick you up and drop you off personally (up to 4 people).

  • Can I expect wind all year round?

    We have great and constant wind conditions all year round.

    In the months from December to February, the wind is, of course, a little weaker than in the summer months, but this provides ideal conditions for wingfoil beginners, for example. These months are also ideal for catching some extra sun in winter and making some great trips, whereas it is sometimes too hot for this in the summer months. E.g. to Luxor or a quad bike tour in the desert.

  • Can I come to your centre with my children?

    Water sports families will find a perfect spot here. Our constant side shore wind conditions prevent drifting, shallow water makes it easy to run back to the starting point if you lose height, small children have great “seawater” pools due to low and high tides and always find enough shade. In a very authentic environment with a 100% surfer atmosphere, you will find pure peace and relaxation. The hotel is happy to meet all requests and younger children (up to 12 years) only pay a small surcharge.


The newly discovered spot 10km south of Safaga South overwhelms me with its sensational water colours. The spot is absolutely amazing, for me it is one of the best flat water spots in the world – for windsurfers, kiters and wingfoilers. It is the perfect combination spot for almost 365 days a year and with a relatively short flight time. The unique standing area with its so-called “pools” and its huge sandbank is nothing like the Caribbean. The unique water colours will fill your Go Pro with the most beautiful shots of your life. At this spot, our team will provide you with particularly individual and personalised support and with the nearby surf hotel, you can enjoy the luxury of going straight from your bed to your board. And not only that, you can even request special local dishes and experience traditional evenings in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere away from the usual mass tourism. Especially groups appreciate this exposed location with the constant wind 10km south of Safaga!