Learn windsurfing in four days with the latest training equipment or rent our brand new rental equipment


Windsurfing is not just a sport – it’s a passionate love affair with wind and water that captivates you and never lets go. After just a short time, you will realise that windsurfing is not only beautiful but also spectacular and fascinating.
With over 50 years of successful history, windsurfing has developed into one of the most exciting water sports in the world. It is a sport that celebrates the connection between man and nature in a unique way. The idea of gliding across the water on a board, carried by the wind, is a dream that windsurfers have been living for decades.

The learning curve for windsurfing may be a little longer than for other sports, but the journey is worth it. Thanks to continuous development and state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the latest training and riding techniques, you will be celebrating your first successes on the very first day of your windsurfing journey.
There is hardly a feeling comparable to the first time you stand in the harness, the wind pushes your sail and you switch to planing mode. This unique feeling of happiness is what gets windsurfers hooked in no time at all. The speed increases rapidly and the indescribable feeling of the refreshing water splashing against your legs lets you savor the moment to the full.

At Planet Allsports you can experience the fascination of windsurfing 365 days a year at three dream spots. Whether you are a beginner taking your first meters on the water or an experienced windsurfer looking for new challenges, you’ll find the perfect environment here to make you feel at home. Immerse yourself in the world of windsurfing and experience the magic of wind and water in a way that will change you forever.

    Windsurfing - Egypt, Boa Vista and Italy

Three dream spots to learn windsurfing

At Planet Allsports you can learn to windsurf at 3 different dream spots 365 days a year, improve your level as an advanced surfer, or rent our top equipment.

    Windsurf beginner surfing together
    Windsurfer Felix Quadfass jumps at Lake Garda
    Felix Quadfass windsurfer dives underneath windsurfboard in blue water
    Felix Quadfass windsurfer walks over beach in to the water
    Felix Quadfass windsurfer with yellow sail surfing in Egypt
    Felix Quadfass windsurfer built up sail
    Felix Quadfaß windsurfing on Lake Garda with yellow sail and blue board water splashes
    Windsurfer with yellow sail in backlight doing power jibe at Lake Garda
    windsurfer with yellow sail doing water start at Lake Garda
    windsurf beginner at Lake Garda

Further information & FAQ

You want to realise your dream of being a windsurfer, but you're not sure how many days you should book the course for, what you need to bring or what equipment you should rent. We will be happy to answer all your questions so that you can relax and enjoy the course or your rental package!

  • How many course days do I need as a complete beginner to successfully ride the first few metres of "strokes"?

    We recommend that you attend the course for at least 3 to 4 days right at the beginning. In this short time, you’ll already be celebrating great successes, and our aim is for you to be able to ride independently under supervision on the very first day.

  • Do you need a wetsuit for windsurfing?

    A wetsuit is always recommended. For safety reasons especially, the wetsuit offers you protection and warmth, even if the water seems pleasantly warm.

  • Do the courses start daily and are my existing knowledge taken into account?

    Our courses start daily and always build on your existing riding skills.

  • Can I continue practising after the course?

    The course usually lasts 3 hours. Afterwards, if you can already hold the height, you can rent equipment at all stations at any time, even by the hour, to practise on your own.

  • Are there courses for children?

    If your child can swim, they can join our windsurfing course. We teach in different languages so that your child feels comfortable and, above all, has fun. We also offer advanced kids and teens a customised course that will help them become experts.

  • Can I also book private lessons to learn a special manoeuvre like waterstart or power jibe?

    If you want to maximise your learning progress in the shortest possible time, you can also treat yourself to a private lesson. Here we can concentrate 100% on you and respond to your wishes and questions. With the support of video recordings and the following analysis, we will bring you a step closer to your dream move, such as the power jibe or the water start. Often it’s just a few small tricks that have been holding you back for years.

  • What happens if I have an accident and can no longer get back to the starting point on my own?

    When you rent equipment from us, you can always rely on us 100%. This is particularly important in offshore or sideways winds to ensure a relaxed session. You sign in on a security list when you go out on the water and from then on our team will keep an eye on you. Boats are always available at our rescue station to collect you and your equipment.


“In my eyes, windsurfing is one of the most fascinating and spectacular sports on earth. It’s hard to put the feeling of a great windsurfing session with good friends into words. But when I try, the only words that come to mind are awesome, awesome, awesome or insane. Once you’ve glided on the board, you’ll never forget the feeling and you’ll become addicted. You always want more and need it more than ever. The next step is a VW bus or combi and no more summer holidays without windsurfing. I’ve been windsurfing for around 30 years now and the enthusiasm is still as strong as it was on the first day!”