Learn to surf with our surf pros in a very short time or rent our great softboards

Surfing is the coolest water sport of all with an absolute addiction effect!


Welcome to the exciting world of surfing, where the ocean and its waves send us into a daze of pure happiness, joy, and inner peace. There are few things in this world as addictive as surfing. Those of us who have been riding the waves for many years understand this irresistible attraction all too well.
Are you ready to join us on a journey in the middle of the majestic Atlantic Ocean? The best waves in the world await you here on Boavista. Even world-class surfers like Hawaiian Jamie O’Brien come here regularly. This is no coincidence, as Cape Verde is a true paradise for surfers.

At Planet Allsports Boavista we offer surfing lessons for all levels, from beginners to experienced surfers. Our “house wave” right in front of our center is the ideal place to learn to surf quickly, easily and safely. Here you can feel the pure magic of surfing as you glide over the gentle waves.
And for the more adventurous among you, we have the “Liowa wave”, named after the Portuguese word for lion. Further out, with a good swell, it offers you the opportunity to perform spectacular turns in head-high waves. But don’t worry, thanks to the deeper sandbank, it doesn’t break too violently, so you can feel safe and free.

We look forward to getting out on the water with you and experiencing the unforgettable adventure of surfing the best waves of your life, which will unforgettably touch your heart and soul.

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    Surfing vibes on the Cape Verde Islands - Planet Allsports Kite and Surf School Boavista

    Surfing Adventures - Planet Allsports Kite and Surf School Boavista

Boavista - a dream spot for surf beginners, advanced surfers and surf pros

At Planet Allsports in Boavista, Cape Verde, you can learn to surf quickly and safely with our professionals.

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Further information & FAQ

You want to realise your dream of being a surfer, but you're not sure how many days you should book the course for, what you need to bring with you, etc.? We will be happy to answer all your questions so that you can relax and enjoy the course or your hire package!

  • How many course days do I need as a complete beginner?

    As a complete beginner, we recommend that you take the course for at least 2 days to experience the first feelings of happiness when surfing.

  • Is surfing exhausting?

    In the beginning, if you’re not used to it, paddling with your arms is a bit energy-sapping, and diving with the board through the waves is certainly unfamiliar but you will quickly be rewarded as soon as you’re able to hold on to the surfboard for the first few meters and surf with the wave.en Schub nach vorne bekommst.

  • Can you get injured while surfing?

    With a wetsuit and shoes, the risk of injury is very low. If you prefer not to wear shoes and want to feel the board, the maximum risk is minimal abrasions, which will heal easily and quickly with the right treatment.

  • From what age can my children book a course with you?

    Children can join our course or rent a board as soon as they can swim.

  • When does the course usually start?

    On Boavista, the course usually starts early in the morning when the conditions are at their best and the wind at its weakest.

  • What happens when there are no waves?

    If you have booked a course or rental equipment and there are no waves, we will postpone the course or rental to the next possible day. Or you can get a voucher for other water sports activities at our school.

  • Do I need a wetsuit and shoes on Boavista?

    We recommend that you always wear neoprene and shoes when surfing as protection against the cold or general protection. Both are included in the course.

  • Can I bring my own board?

    You can store your private board with us for a small fee.

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“Surfing is more than just a sport – it’s a way of life that has captivated me since my first seconds on the wave and hasn’t let go since.
I’ve had my best surf sessions on Boavista in particular. We have a beautiful and safe little reef right in front of our center. But even experienced surfers will have breathtaking wave moments here.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or already have some experience, you will experience the unique feeling of happiness with us when you stand on the board for the first time and are carried by a wave. Join us and experience how surfing affects your mind and makes your heart beat faster in a warm and relaxed atmosphere!”