Wingfoil is the perfect combination of windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing


Welcome to the exciting world of wingfoiling – the ultimate watersports experience that will make you fly!
There are water sports, and then there’s wingfoiling – an activity that has captured the hearts of young and old alike like no other before. Imagine simply floating silently over the glistening water, powered by the force of the wind as you enjoy the freedom of flight. This is exactly what wingfoiling has to offer.
This exciting sport is a fascinating mix of windsurfing, surfing, and a touch of kitesurfing. The breathtaking combination of these elements allows you to experience the feeling of boundless freedom after just a few days. And be warned, because wingfoiling is addictive!

Another amazing factor and guarantee of success is that wingfoiling is possible even in light winds, which offers safety, especially for beginners to the sport.
The foil ensures that you can take off into the air with little wind while flying over the water.
No previous experience is required! Wingfoiling can be learned by anyone – no matter what age group you are in. If you already have experience with windsurfing, stand-up paddling, or kiteboarding, that is certainly an advantage.

At Planet Allsports, we were so fascinated by this trend from the very beginning and are proud to be the first wingfoil school in Europe as well as at the two other locations in Egypt and Boavista. Our enthusiasm has already inspired many of our guests and turned them into passionate wingfoilers.

    Learn to wingfoil! The fascination of foiling and its technique in a video with great shots

    How quickly can you learn to wingfoil?

    Learn to wingfoil easily with the boat training course!

Three dream spots for learning to wingfoil

At Planet Allsports you can learn to wingfoil at 3 different dream spots 365 days a year, improve your level as an advanced wingfoiler, or rent our top equipment.

    Wingfoiler mit orangen Wing am Gardasee
    Wesley Brito Duotone Slick D-Lab SkyStyleSLS
    Planet Allsports Surf and Wingfoil School Soma Bay Egypt Caribbean World Resort twisted jump Felix Quadfaß
    Felix Quadfass Wingfoil jibe Lake Garda
    Felix Quadfass wingfoiler with orange wing
    Felix Quadfass Wingfoiler carved
    Chiara Socin SlickD-Lab24 SkyStyleSLS24 Duotone DTF Bahamas byTobyBromwich

Further information & FAQ

You want to realise your dream of being a wingfoiler, transporting little equipment around with you, but you are not yet sure how many days you should book the course for or what requirements you need to fulfill to rent the latest equipment. We will be happy to answer all your questions so that you can relax and enjoy the course or the rental package!

  • How many course days do I need as a complete beginner to foil for the first time?

    If you really want to learn wingfoiling properly, we recommend that you attend a 5-day course right at the beginning.

  • Do I need a wetsuit or helmet for wingfoiling?

    A wetsuit and helmet are always recommended. For safety reasons especially, the wetsuit offers you protection and warmth, even if the water seems pleasantly warm.

  • How much wind force do you need for wingfoiling?

    You can experience great sessions with a larger wing even at a good 3 Bft or from 10 knots.

  • What is the minimum age or prerequisite for wingfoil courses?

    We have no minimum or maximum age for our kite courses, but you or your child should be able to swim and have fun in the water.

  • Can you injure yourself when wingfoiling?

    The risk of injury is low and you will also learn all the necessary safety aspects and protective equipment for wingfoiling as well as how to behave toward other water sports enthusiasts.

  • Do the courses start daily and will my existing level be taken into account?

    Our courses start daily and build on your wingfoil level in the intermediate and advanced courses.

  • What do I need to rent wing foil equipment?

    For wingfoil rental, we assume that you can hold your height and foil your first few meters.


“For me, it’s like a dream that has finally come true – wingfoiling gives me a feeling of infinite lightness and grace, gliding weightlessly over the surface of the water. The light wind blows gently through the wing and it really feels as if you can fly all by yourself without any help.
The world of wingfoiling is so fascinating, it is indescribable that something can be so playful and extremely spectacular at the same time.

In our training courses, we attach great importance to adapting to your individual prior knowledge. Whether you are a beginner in water sports or already have experience with wind and water through other activities – this unique feeling will not let you go after a short time, we guarantee that once you are floating over the water, you will want to be in that state forever.”