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Some say: "only flying is better than kitesurfing" - try it out!


Welcome to the exciting world of kitesurfing!
This emotional sport is a fascinating combination of surfing and flying, where you glide almost weightlessly over the water and feel the wind in your face as you enjoy the endless freedom.Kiting, kitesurfing, or kiteboarding, as it is also known, has become an absolute trend sport. The charm of this sport lies in the fact that one moment you are gliding gently over the water and the next you are lifted into the air, adrenalin rushes included.
The best thing is that you can learn this exciting sport in a very short time, similar to snowboarding, and it’s so much fun. The equipment you need is also surprisingly light and handy.

At Planet Allsports on Lake Garda, on Boavista, and in Safaga South, you will always find the perfect spot that offers you the best wind conditions and unforgettable kite sessions, regardless of your level of experience. Whether beginner or pro, there is an opportunity for everyone to discover and experience the exciting world of kitesurfing. Dive in and let yourself be inspired by one of these unique spots!

    kitesurfing at LAKE Garda

Three dream spots for kitesurfing and learning to kite.

At Planet Allsports you can learn kitesurfing at 3 different dream spots 365 days a year, improve your level as an advanced kitesurfer, or rent our high-quality equipment if you have level 5.

    Duotone DTK RebelSLS cruising byTobyBromwich
    Duotone DTK RebelSLS cruising byTobyBromwich
    Kite surfer jumps with red kite
    Kitsurfer in backlight
    kitesurfer at Lake Garda
    kitesurfer with red kites on Lake Garda
    Kite at the beach during sunset
    Duotone DTK SoleilsSLS clickbar Nathalie byTobyBromwich
    Duotone DTK SoleilSLS base underwater Venezuela TobyBromwich
    blonde kiter carved on Lake Garda

Further information & FAQ

You want to realise your dream of being a kitesurfer, carrying little equipment with you, but you're not sure how many days you should book the course for or what requirements you need to meet to rent the latest equipment. We will be happy to answer all your questions so that you can relax and enjoy the course or the rental package!

  • How many course days do I need as a complete beginner to kite my first metres?

    If you want to learn kitesurfing properly, we recommend that you attend a 5-day course right at the beginning.

  • Do I need a wetsuit or helmet for kitesurfing?

    A wetsuit and helmet are always recommended. For safety reasons especially, the wetsuit offers you protection and warmth, even if the water seems comfortably warm.

  • How much wind force do you need for kitesurfing?

    You can experience great relaxed kite sessions or kite your first meters with a larger kite at around 4 Bft or from 12 knots.

  • What is the minimum age for kite courses and/or kite rental?

    We have no minimum or maximum age for our kite courses, but 40kg is an advantage. However, children who do not weigh 40kg can also learn to kite with us in individual private lessons. In the private lessons or semi-private courses (also for two), the instructor is very close to the kids and our BBTalkin communication system allows light kids to learn this cool sport in a playful way.

  • Can I get a basic licence or a licence after the course? What does the licence include?

    After each course, we offer you the opportunity to obtain a licence. This includes a half-hour theory part, i.e. the safety topics learnt, different wind conditions, right of way rules on the water, etc., as well as a short kite session, which the kite instructor evaluates.

  • Can you get injured while kitesurfing?

    The risk of injury is very low and you will also learn all the necessary safety aspects of kitesurfing and how to behave towards other water sports enthusiasts during the course.

  • I have level 5 but I'm not sure yet, can I book a private lesson for a refresher?

    With us, you can book a refresher session at any destination, which is usually 1 to 2 hours depending on your needs.

  • Do the courses start daily and will my existing level be taken into account?

    Our courses start daily and progress depending on your kite level in the intermediate and advanced courses.

  • What do I need to rent kite equipment?

    To rent our latest kite equipment you need at least level 5, which you confirmed during your last course. It may also be sufficient if you assure us or the instructor that you can safely maintain altitude, which is the basic requirement.


“In my eyes, kitesurfing is one of the most fascinating and spectacular sports on earth. It’s hard to put the feeling of a brilliant kitesurfing session into words. Before I started kitesurfing, I had already tried a few board sports: Skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing, and surfing. But I never expected that kitesurfing would grab me in such a crazy and lasting way and give me the greatest feeling of happiness ever.
In our small group courses, we target each student very specifically, regardless of whether you are new to water sports or already experienced with wind and water from other sports. You will love the fantastic feeling of kiting after a very short time.”