Audi e-tron foil rental (2 hours)

Fly weightlessly over the beautiful Lake Garda with our Audi e-tron foil

As an official brand ambassador of Audi Aerofoils, we offer you the opportunity to “fly” over the water with the quietest and safest Audi e-tron foil in the world.
If you have already taken part in our Audi e-tron foil beginner course, there are various hire options. You can choose between 30 minutes, one, two, or 3 hours, or book a rental subscription with 5 or 10 hours.

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  • Premium E-Foil material
  • Plenty of space on the water
  • Easy entry and exit with the foil board
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Information and process

  • The meeting point is around 10 am at our center, when the north wind “Vento” weakens there is usually a time slot until 1 pm when e-foiling is offered.

  • The rental of our Audi e-tron foil includes the board with remote control, helmet, and flotation/impact vest. We also recommend wearing a wetsuit, which you can also rent from us.

  • To rent, you must have already completed a beginner’s course with us. Rent is only possible for people aged 16 and over with a declaration of consent from their parents. You should be able to swim safely and the blood alcohol limit is 0!!! If you are not a hotel guest, you must leave a valid ID document with us at the center.

    e-foil instructor explains student remote control
    blonde women sexy on the Audi e-tron foil board
    blonde women in bikini enjoying the sun on Audi e-tron foil board
    blonde women in bikini on Audi e-tron foil board
    blonde women on Audi e-tron foil
    blonde women built up e-tron foil

Further information and FAQ

Here we answer your questions about Audi e-tron foil rental

  • How can I pay on site?

    You can pay at the center in cash or by credit card. If you book in advance, you can pay conveniently at the center.

  • Is e-foiling suitable for water sports beginners?

    E-foiling is also great for beginners and those inexperienced in water sports. Even if you don’t get it right on the first try, you’ll usually get the hang of it quicker than with classic surfing or kitesurfing.

    An introductory course is a prerequisite for renting. This way, you can ensure that you do everything right from the start and are safe in the water.

  • How does e-foiling work?

    An e-foil is similar to a surfboard with a few additional components. It has a longer mast and wing in place of the central fin – the hydrofoil. This is responsible for the board being able to lift off the surface of the water. The second special feature is the built-in electric motor. Powered by a battery, it propels the board and accelerates it to a specific speed, without paddling or wind. You can reach up to 50 kilometers per hour with the Audi e-tron foil. The whole thing is controlled with a Bluetooth remote control that the surfer holds in his hand.