Kite equipment rental

Rent the latest equipment and kite with us at the best spot on the lake!

Do you want to kite independently with us on Lake Garda and need rental equipment?
From us, you can rent the latest equipment consisting of a kite, a bar, and a kiteboard. The only requirement is proof that you can go upwind independently, i.e. that you can return to the starting point where you started.
At the beginning of your kite session, you will be taken to the best spot on the lake with 5 other kite shuttle guests. The kite is then launched from the boat. You can enjoy your session for as long as you like and will then be picked up again at a pre-arranged time or hand signal.

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  • top quality rental equipment
  • Kite with the kite boat shuttle at the best spot on the lake
  • Safety thanks to eye-catching Lycra and watched from the shore thanks to the best technology
  • kiting at the best spot on the lake

Process and information

Further information and FAQ

We will be happy to answer your questions about the rental and kite sessions here

  • What level do I need to have to rent the material?

    The requirement for rental is level 5 (VDWS) or a comparable level. You should be able to go upwind safely.

  • Can I start from land with a jump start?

    Due to the limited space on the shore, it is not possible to start from land. If you would like to rent the material from us, at the same time, you book the kite shuttle with a boat. This means the boat will take you to the best spot on the lake and pick you up again after the agreed time.

  • Is a rescue included in the kite rental package?

    When you rent kite equipment from us, the rescue (in case of equipment breakage/loss) or injury is always included.