Kitesurf private / VIP course

We offer you a very fast and personalized kite learning experience!

If you are very ambitious or want to learn kitesurfing at your own pace, this is the right course for you! The 1-to-1 lessons with our professional and licensed instructor will give you a lot of comfort and safety. The course is designed for beginners as well as for kiters who already have basic kitesurfing knowledge and want to improve their level in a very individual lesson.

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  • High learning success through individual training
  • Safe and efficient boat training
  • Bb Talkin Bluetooth system on the helmet for optimum communication with the instructor
  • Latest high-quality training equipment
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Process and information

  • The meeting point at 8:45 am at the center. 

    The private course is for beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders. The schedule and aim of the course will be discussed individually right at the start. During the sessions, the instructor will focus on your level and work specifically on getting you to your goal as quickly and enjoyably as possible.

  • You don’t need your own equipment for the kite course. Just bring your swimsuit and sun protection. We will provide you with the following equipment during the course:

    • Kite incl. kite bar
    • Kite board
    • Wetsuit 
    • Helmet
    • Life jacket/ life vest
    • Harness

    A course unit lasts a total of 2 hours. There is a briefing after the theory and water time. 

  • Especially as an advanced kite surfer, it makes sense now and then to treat yourself to a private lesson or course (preferably with your own equipment) with a professional. With the support of video recordings and analysis, you will quickly notice the learning success.

    We also recommend you get your kite license. The license is valid worldwide and you need it especially to be able to borrow material. It shows your riding skills and updates them as you progress.

    Windsurfer with yellow sail plaining in front of sand dune
    two kiters with red kites on Boavista
    red kite flying over water
    surf and kite school Planet Allsports at the beach on Boavista
    red kites at the beach of Boavista with blue water
    kitesurfer and windsurfer plaining together on blue water
    kites at the beach of Boavista
    kitesurfer plaining in front of sand dune

Information and FAQ

We will be happy to answer any further questions about the course here.

  • Can I extend the course?

    If you have booked a course in advance at our pre-booking conditions, you are welcome to extend the course by the day at the end at a special price, provided there are still places available.

  • What do I do when there is no wind?

    If there is no wind, we try to postpone the course, so we recommend starting the course on the first day of your vacation to have the necessary buffer. If it is calm and you are unlucky with the wind, we will issue a voucher that is valid for one year and can be redeemed at all destinations.

  • What do I do when I am ill?

    If you fall ill during the course and are unable to attend, we will also try to postpone the course or alternatively issue a partial voucher that is valid for all destinations.

  • Can I take part in the course with my own equipment?

    For insurance reasons, we recommend that you use the training material that is included in the course price.

    However, you can also use your own material after consultation with the instructor, but this does not reduce the course price and is not covered by our insurance in case something breaks.

  • How can I pay on site?

    You can pay for our courses on-site in cash or by Stripe payment.