Stand-up paddling rental

Enjoy an exciting tour from the harbor to the island and back on a small wave with our SUP equipment

You can rent a stand-up paddling board including a paddle for one, two, three hours, or a whole day from our rental shop on Boavista. If you rent for a week, the daily price is significantly reduced. You can paddle to the harbor in the morning or late afternoon when the wind calms down and admire the fishing catch or paddle to the offshore island to enjoy a fantastic view of the fishing town and the expansive Sal Rei Bay.
There is also a small reef with beautiful, safe waves right on our doorstep. Depending on your mood and ability, you can even ride a few waves there. During these rides, you will always be in the field of vision of our Baywatch team. You can get everything from us from shortboards to longboards in the soft version for great comfort.

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Information and process

  • The meeting point is at our office where you register briefly and get valuable tips for your SUP session. Sign in on our security list before you go out on the water. You also have the option of wearing a high-visibility lycra from us so that you can be seen by our Baywatch team. And now it’s time to get on the water and have lots of fun.

  • The rental includes the SUP board and a paddle. Accessories such as a wetsuit or shoes can be booked separately.

  • To rent a surfboard, you must be able to swim safely.

    two Stand-up paddler paddling over blue water at Boavista
    Wesley Brito buttomturn in wave on Boavista
    two stand-up paddler going into the water
    stand up paddler on waves during sunset on Boavista
    stand up paddle group on Boavista
    stand up paddle group in front of cliffs
    3 stand up paddler in front of cliffs
    PlanetAllsports Boavista SUP
    3 stand up paddlers paddling through the sea

Further information and FAQ

We are happy to answer your questions about the rent here.

  • Is there a rescue service?

    As soon as you have registered on our safety list and are wearing one of our Lycra, we will keep an eye on you. In case of material failure or injury, the service is free of charge, otherwise, we charge 50€ per rescue.

  • Do I need a wetsuit?

    We generally recommend wearing a wetsuit to protect you from the wind and water. Of course, there are also very warm days when it is sufficient to wear shorts or a sun protection lycra.