Storage of private windsurfing equipment

As a guest of the Hotel Capo Reamol, you can conveniently store your private windsurfing equipment with us.

Of course, you can also windsurf with your own equipment at our center.
If you are a Capo Reamol hotel guest, we offer you the option of storing your board and sail with us.
Due to space constraints at the center, please note that the boom must be removed from the sail. For a small additional charge, you can also store an extra board or sail with us.

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  • Suit dryer for 100% comfort
  • Please note that the storage of private material is only possible for guests of the Hotel Capo Reamol
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Information and process

  • On the day of your arrival, you register with us at the school reception and are allocated a “box” with a number. For space reasons, we ask you to remove the boom when storing the windsurf sails.

  • We offer you enough space for one board and 1 sail (without boom) in private storage. Each additional board or sail will be charged with a small fee. There is also a toolbox at your disposal and a wetsuit dryer is included in the storage fee. Of course, we also keep an eye on you and will rescue you in an emergency with one of our rescue boats.

  • To store your private windsurfing equipment with us and use our services, you must be a guest at the hotel and also be able to hold height safely. If you are not able to hold height in “normal” strong winds, we charge a collection fee of 50 euros. Rescues due to injury or material damage are of course included in the storage costs.

  • If you still have problems going upwind, we recommend that you book another private lesson. You are also welcome to do this with your own equipment.

Further information and FAQ

What was frequently asked?

  • Can I book more places on site?

    Depending on availability, you can make spontaneous bookings on-site.

  • Is there a Rescue Service?

    As soon as you have registered on our safety list and are wearing one of our Lycra, we will keep an eye on you. In case of material failure, the service is free of charge, otherwise, we charge 50€ per rescue.