Wingfoil group course for beginners and advanced students

Learn the fascination of wingfoiling in a very short time under optimal conditions

Would you like to learn the exciting trend of wingfoiling or improve your riding skills?
Then our courses are perfect for you! In combination with the latest equipment and VDWS-licensed instructors, you will make enormous progress in just a few days with lots of fun. Our effective boat training will give you an immediate feel for the foil and the breathtaking feeling of flying over the water. Choose the number of course days yourself, we recommend a 5-day course if you want to learn to wingfoil effectively. Our courses start daily and take place in small groups with a maximum of 4 students.

Have you already had your first wing foil experience, but would still like to master the upwind technique or try out smooth turns?
With our intermediate/advanced course, we build on your level and take you to your goal.

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  • Small course group with max. 4 students per teacher
  • Current top wingfoil material
  • Safe and efficient boat training
  • BB Talkin Bluetooth headset for perfect communication between you and your teacher
  • Licensed wingfoil instructors
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Process and information

  • Meeting point: always 20 minutes before the start of the course in the office, depending on the chosen course time at 9 a.m. or 2 p.m.

    We have developed a training concept, especially for the Wing Foil that will get you “flying” over the water quickly and safely. 

    • 1st step (Wing-Handling):
      after a short theory session on land and the most important things you need to know about the material, wind, and water, you will quickly learn how to handle the wing. You will learn how to carry the wing, steer it, turn it around, and use it to “catch” the wind.
    • Step 2 (Wing-Surfen):
      a short time later, we go into the water fully equipped with neoprene, a life jacket, a wing, and a large surfboard. Now you can improve your handling of the wing on the water and surf for the first time in light winds and smooth water. You will be surprised how quickly you will make progress and be surfing independently after a short time.
    • 3rd step (foiling):
      after the 1st and 2nd step, we put the wing aside for a while and devote ourselves entirely to the foil and the wonderful feeling of “flying” silently over the water. With the support of our motorboats, you can enjoy foiling for the first time without the wing and wind. It feels a little wobbly at first, but you’ll soon notice that the board stabilizes.
    • Step 4 (Wingfoilen):
      now we are putting all the steps together, you are learning to handle and steer the wing on the foil board and will soon be flying over the sea powered by the wind all by yourself, without a motor and almost without noise, very light and almost weightless. Now you are a wingfoil surfer! Congratulations!


  • You don’t need your own equipment for the wingfoil course. Just bring your swimsuit, sun protection and something to drink. 

    We will provide you with the following equipment during the course: 

    • Wing
    • Wing board
    • Wetsuit
    • Helmet
    • Life jacket/ life vest
    • Harness
    • Shoes according to preference

    A course unit comprises a total of 3 hours with a maximum of 4 students, of which you have approx. 1 hour of pure water time. 

    During the course, two students share a board and a wing. If there are fewer than 4 course participants, the course duration is reduced according to the number of participants.

  • You don’t need any special requirements or knowledge to learn wingfoiling. 

    You just need to be able to swim safely and it is an advantage if you have a good sense of balance.

  • We recommend that you book a 5-day course, which is the average time you need to fly your first meters with the foil. If you need more course days, you can book them one day at a time at a reduced price. 

    We also recommend that you take the VDWS Wingfoil license at the same time, as you will learn a little more about the rules of water sports and can show your level at any time if you want to rent wingfoil equipment from another school, for example. It is also an advantage from an insurance point of view if you have a “driver’s license”.

    two wingfoilers in a wave
    Wingfoil student foiling next to motorboat
    jumping Wingfoiler
    Wingfoiler riding a wave at Boavista
    Wingfoiler riding a big wave
    Wingfoiler with orange wing on Capo Verde
    Wingfoiler with orange wing in front of sand dune
    Wingfoiler with orange wing in a wave with blue water
    wingfoiler with orange wing in a big wave
    Wingfoiler surft wave

Further information and FAQ

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the course.

  • Can I extend the course?

    If you have booked a course in advance, you are welcome to extend the course by the day at the end, provided there are still places available.

  • What do I do when there is no wind?

    If there is no wind, we try to postpone the course, so we recommend starting the course on the first day of your vacation to have the necessary buffer. If it is calm and you are unlucky with the wind, we will issue a voucher that is valid for one year and can be redeemed at all destinations.

  • What do I do when I am ill?

    If you fall ill during the course and are unable to attend, we will also try to postpone the course or alternatively issue a partial voucher valid for all destinations.