Brand new equipment every year!
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Brand new equipment every year!

To always offer the latest and top equipment for your holidays every now and then we have to get rid of our young used ones. This is why we offer you on this page our used equipment in very good shape.
The equipment from Lake Garda is very attractive for interested surfers and kiters because we change the equipment every season. You can buy this equipment that has never touched salty water or any sand. It is the latest equipment and we sell it for a fair price. Either you come to Lake Garda to fetch the equipment or you can get an appointment and come to our office in Garmisch. If necessary we can also send the equipment.

Sometimes we also take part at a "Kiteflohmarkt" like the one from Kite Magazin in June 2018 in Munich:

We are selling the whole equipment from this spot at the end of the season at Lake Garda (October/November). As soon as we have something for sale we are going to inform you on this page. We have some left overs all the time. Just ask us if you are looking for something :)

If you are looking for something particular just send us a contact request.

You can also write a short email to or a WhatsApp to +49 151 24030897. If you prefer to call you can reach us at +49 151 24030897 or +49 8821 94 50 515.

Please don't get angry if you don't reach us straight away because we can be very busy at our centers.  Most of the times an Email or a Whatsapp can be the better alternative.


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