Advanced windsurfing private/ VIP course

Achieve a successful maneuver efficiently with our private course!

Do you want to learn the water start and power jibe or surf the waves?
Then we recommend you attend our private course. In this course, you can not only learn a special maneuver and improve your windsurfing technique, but also gain your first wave experience with our experienced instructor. Our licensed VDWS instructor will help you to achieve your individual goal as quickly as possible.

Even small corrections can improve your windsurfing level and therefore your satisfaction on the water. Our private/VIP windsurfing course includes video recording and analysis on request.

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  • Flat water spot
  • No shorebreak in front of the center
  • Current training equipment
  • Bb Talkin Bluetooth system on the helmet for efficient communication with the instructor
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Process and information

  • Meeting point: 9:00 am – Our course starts at 9:30 am and lasts 2 hours. 

    In this course, we will accompany you, particularly when learning the water start, power jibe, or gentle wave entry.

  • For the private windsurfing course you rent the equipment or use the rental equipment that you have booked with us during your stay in Boavista.

    In this course, you can learn your desired maneuver and/or improve your technique individually and at your own pace. 

    The private course lasts 2 hours.

  • There are no special requirements for the private windsurfing course. Beginners can of course also book a private course with us if they want personal and individual support.

  • We recommend that you book at least 2 days for the advanced courses, as this usually gives you the best results.

    Windsurfer with pink sail in a wave at Boavista
    Windsurfer with yellow sail at Boavista
    Windsurfer with yellow sail buttom turn in blue water
    Windsurfer in the bay of Sal Rei Boavista
    Windsurfer at Boavista
    Windsurfer plaining in front of sand dune
    Windsurfer in wave cutback
    Windsurfer at the beach
    3 windsurfer plaining in the bay of Sal Rei Boavista

Further information and FAQ

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the course and how to register for it.

  • Can I extend the course?

    If you have booked a private course in advance at our pre-booking conditions, you are welcome to extend the course at the end.

  • What do I do when there is no wind?

    If there is no wind, we try to postpone the course, so we recommend starting the course on the first day of your vacation to have the necessary buffer. If it is calm and you are unlucky with the wind, we will issue a voucher that is valid for one year and can be redeemed at all destinations.

  • What do I do when I am ill?

    If you fall ill during the course and are unable to attend, we will also try to postpone the course or alternatively issue a partial voucher that is valid for all destinations.