Kitesurf semi-private course for beginners and advanced kitesurfers

Learn to kitesurf or improve your level in a semi-private course

Do you want to learn to kitesurf at your own pace or improve your level?
The semi-private course will be just right for you because learning to kitesurf requires a lot of practice time. There are only two of you on this course. This allows for even more intensive and personalised support from the kite instructor and you have maximum water time. This course is very suitable for kite beginners as well as for kite intermediates with existing basic knowledge. If you already have some basic knowledge, then this course will focus on improving your kite maneuvers so that you can soon be kitesurfing independently.

    Perfect for couples
  • Course group with only 2 students
  • BB Talkin headset for perfect communication between you and your teacher
  • Licensed kite instructors teach you in your language
  • Huge standing area makes quick successes possible
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Information and process

  • Meeting point: depending on the chosen course start time, the meeting point is at 8.45 a.m. for courses starting at 9.00 a.m. or 12.45 p.m. for courses starting at 1.00 p.m.

    • On the 1st day: we explain the equipment and basic concepts such as safety system, kite control, wind window, etc. in the theory session on land (duration approx. 15 – 30 min.). Immediately afterwards you practise kite control and kite steering from the boat.
    • On the 2nd day we improve our kite feeling and fly it to different zones in the wind window. We learn where the kite has more or less power. We practise controlled pulling with the kite through the water, also known as body drag. The aim is for the kite to “drag” you in the desired direction.
    • Day 3: the aim on this day is to get the board with the foot straps on your feet, start for the first time (waterstart) and ride the first few meters.
    • 4th day: after the first three days you can ride the first few meters on the kiteboard. It is important that you can drive safely and stably in both directions and steer the kite back to the 12 o’clock position so that you can stop and drive back. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to “maintain altitude” at first, but that’s no problem at all, you can always walk back to the starting point in the shallow water with your equipment.
    • On the 5th day practise what you have learnt with targeted improvements, depending on your personal riding ability. Arrive back where you started after two strokes. You can achieve this through your body position and board edging technique. So now it’s time to practise, practise, practise…
  • You don’t need your own equipment for the kite course. Just bring your swimsuit, sun protection and something to drink. We will provide you with the following equipment during the course:

    • Kite incl. kite bar
    • Kiteboard
    • Wetsuit
    • Helmet
    • Life jacket/ life vest
    • Harness
    • Shoes depending on the water temperature
    • Hat depending on the water temperature
    • Gloves depending on the water temperature

    A course unit comprises a total of 3 hours with 2 students.

  • You don’t need any special requirements or knowledge to learn to kite. However, you must be able to swim safely and should weigh at least 40kg. There is no prescribed age. As a rule, we train children from around 10 years of age, but this depends in particular on their physical constitution. However, we only train young and light children on a one-to-one basis, i.e. in a private or semi-private course.

  • We recommend that you book a 3-day course, which is the average time you need to ride your first meters with the kite. If you need more course days, you can book them on a daily basis at a discounted price. We also recommend that you take the VDWS kite licence at the same time, as you will learn a little more about the rules of water sports and can show your level at any time if you want to rent kite equipment from another school, for example. From an insurance point of view, it is also an advantage if you have a “driving licence”.

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Further information and FAQ

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the course and how to register for it.

  • Can I extend the course?

    If you have booked a course in advance at our pre-booking conditions, you are welcome to extend the course by the day at the end, provided there are still places available.

  • What do I do when there is no wind?

    If there is no wind, we will try to postpone the course, so we recommend starting the course on the first day of your holiday to give you the necessary buffer. If it is calm and you are unlucky with the wind, we will issue a voucher that is valid for one year and can be redeemed at all destinations.

  • What do I do when I am ill?

    If you fall ill during the course and are unable to attend, we will also try to postpone the course or alternatively issue a partial voucher that is valid for all destinations.

  • Can I take part in the course with my own equipment?

    For insurance reasons, we recommend using the training material included in the course price.

    However, you can also use your own material after consultation with the instructor, but this does not reduce the course price and is not covered by our insurance in case something breaks.

  • How can I pay on site?

    You can pay for our courses on-site in cash (Euro or Egyptian currency).